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John Elia Poetry – Sad Shayari 1.0
This Application Features the Largest Collection of JaunElia’sPoetry and Urdu Ghazals.John Elia is known as the Real KingofSorrow and Sad Urdu Poetry. If you are someone who likes JohnEliaand his poetry, then this is the application you shoulddownload inyour Smartphone to enjoy the best Urdu Shayari by JonElia. The appcontains designed poetry images with excellentgraphics that willmake you in love with both the poetry and the JonEliaapplication.Through this application you can:1 - Enjoy 2 lineurdupoetry of Jaun Elia beautifully designed. Swipe through screenandwatch out the best of John Elia2 - Urdu Ghazals and Poetrywrittenby Jon Elia 3 - Urdu Namzen, Sher o Shayari and short poemsby JaunEliaDownload Now & Read Urdu Poetry of John Elia withdesignedimages.Disclaimer:We do not host the content provided inthis app,it is available online for free in public domains. Thisapp is justan organized way to surf and stream files availableonline and youcan use special format. We do not claim rights on anyfile in thisapp, all content is the copyright of their respectiveowners.
Urdu Poetry By Wasi Shah 5.0
App Champ
Ankhain Bheeg Jati Hen By WasiShahisbasedonthe Poetry of very famous poet of PakistanWasiShah.Excellentandmarvelous collection of poetry in urdulanguage.Samandar main utarta hoon tou aankhain bheeg jaati hainteri aankhoun ko parhta hoon tou aankhain bheeg jaati haintumhaara naam likhney ki ijaazat chin gayi jub saykoi bhi lafz likhta hoon tou aankhain bheeg jaati hainteri yaadoun ki khushboo khirkiyoun main raqs karti hayteray gham main sulagta hoon tou aankhain bheeg jaati hainmain huns k jhail laita hoon judaayi ki sub hee rasmaingaley jub us k lagta hoon tou aankhain bheeg jaati hainnajaaney hogaya hoon isqadar hassaas main kub saykisi say baat karta hoon tou aankhain bheeg jaati hainwoh sub guzrey huay lamhaat mujh ko yaad aatey haintumhaarey khut jo parhta hoon tou aankhain bheeg jaati hainmain saara din bohat masroof rehta hoon magar joonhiqadam chaukhat pay rakhta hoon tou aankhain bheeg jaati hainhur ik muflis k maathey par alam ki daastaanain hainkoi chehra bhi parhta hoon tou aankhain bheeg jaati hainbarey logoun k oonchey budnuma or sard mehloun koghareeb aankhoun say takta hoon tou aankhain bheeg jaati hainteray koochey say ab mera talluq waajibi sa haymagar jub bhi guzarta hoon tou aankhain bheeg jaati hainhazaaroun mausamoun ki hukmraani hay meray dil parWasi main jub bhi HUNSTA hoon tou aankhain bheeg jaati hain!!
Poetry Mohabbat Ibadat Hai 5.0
Mohabbat Ibadat hai is an application which consist of UrduPoetryby very popular poets:>> AitbarSajid>>Ibn-e-Insha>> Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi>> AhmedFaraz>>Amjad Islam Amjad>> Basheer Badar>>ParveenShakir>> Syed Wasi Shah>> Jaun Eliya>>SagharSiddiqui>> Saeed Wasiq>> Faiz Ahmed Faiz>>FarhatAbbas Shah>> Munir Niyazi>> Mohsin Naqwi>>NoshiGailanietc.....Awesome and most desirable and famous urdupoetrycollection.You can navigate through this book.You can alsosharethe specific content on the specific page of the by using"Crop& Share" Feature of the application.
Urdu Poetry - Sher o Shayari 1.2
Urdu Poetry is a beautiful Urdu Sher o Shayari application,whichfeatures the largest collection of beautiful Urdu designpoetry& Sher o Shayari. Most of the designed shayari in thisbestpoetry app is of 2 line poetry. Moreover, the sher o shayariiscategorized in 7 more categories that are as under:Urdu Poetry–This category contains the most number of design poetry imagesthatyou can read and enjoy.Dard Poetry – Those who love to read sadandghamgeen poetry, can find dard bhari shayari in thiscategory.IshqPoetry – In this category find out the Ishq & sufisher oshayariLove Poetry – Poetry about pyar muhabbat and love isputinto this category.Moreover, there are categories withTanhaai,WAfa, and Zindagi topic.There are options to make Favorite&Share poetry images on social media and whatsapp.So downloadthisbeautiful application and read the best of Urdu sher o shayari.
Urdu Sad Shayari (Poetry) 1
We provide a simple & elegant way to share Urdu SadShayari(Poetry) with your lovers and friends. In this applicationthere isa huge collection of Urdu Sad Shayari (Poetry) in Urdu.Hopeall sadshayari fans are gonna love this. Cool Features :★BeautifulDesinging ★ Share with your friends on fb, twitter,whatsapp, lineetc.★ High quality images.★ Can zoom in and out theimageDontforget to rate us and leave your review for furtherimprovements.Thank You
Bazm: Ahmad Faraz 3.0
Bazm: Ahmad Faraz --- a comprehensive collection of poems,videos,tributes, biography, slides, intro and photos of one ofthegreatest Urdu poet Ahmad Faraz. We, like millions ofotheradmirers, are celebrating Ahmad Faraz's 83rd birthday acrosstheworld. This app is our tribute to him on this occasion. Bazm ---aproduction of Baqa Creatives, is a series of Urdu poetry apps.Weare proud to be the leaders in Urdu apps on Android. The firstappever designed in Urdu script (Natsaleeq) is the creation ofBaqaCreatives. These apps are our tribute and are dedicated tothememories of the greatest poets of twentieth century. Features:★158 Poems in Urdu with their transliteration ★ 20 Slides ofhisselected verses ★ 140 Renditions by famous artists ★ 40 Tributesbywell-known personalities or media ★ Photo gallery - 50 Rareandhistoric pictures of Ahmad Faraz ★ Biography ★ Quick Facts ★Shareyour favourite poems, slide or picture with others. ★ Bookmarkyourfavourite poems ★ No internet connection required afterdownloadfor reading poems ★ App is designed to be installation onSD Card ★Plus much more. Keywords: pakistan, india, ghazal, desi,shaeri,adab
Shayari Ghalib Iqbal Mir Taqi 2.1.1
Shayari from Famous Shayers / Poets ♥♥♥ ARE YOU A FAN OFShayarifrom Legendary Shayar (Poets)? Here is a BIG BIG Surpriseforyou!!!! ♥♥♥ URDU / FARSI / HINDI Poetry from All timefavoritePoets / ShayarsHuge collection Shayari from Great All timeShayarslike♥♥ Mirza Ghalib♥♥ Allama Iqbal♥♥ Mir Taqi Meer♥♥ AmirGhursoo♥♥Dhag DehlaviFamous Shayari Collection in Hindi/Urdu toRead andShare (SMS, Email, Whatsup, etc) with your friendsAwesomeandAwe-inspiring collection of Sir Allama Muhammad IqbalPoetry,famous Sher Shayari Quotes in Hindi UrduPlease send yourfeedbackto improve this application, keep check for more updatedshayaris
Allama Iqbal Urdu Poetry 1.1
The Legend of Poetry "Allama MuhammadIqbal"now in your Android Powered Devices. This App containsfinecollection of IQBAL poetry in urdu with beautifully designedimagesthat you can also share on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp andothersocial media platforms.Weekly updates of latest poetry and user friendly interface.
Bazm: Parveen Shakir 3.0
A comprehensive collection of poems, slides, videos,tributes,biography, chronology, intro and photos of one of thegreatest Urdupoet Parveen Shakir. This app is our tribute and isdedicated tothe memories of one of the greatest poets oftwentiethcentury.Features:★ 139 Poems in Urdu with theirtransliteration★ 20Poems in her own voice★ 25 Slides of herselected verses★ 59Renditions by famous artists★ 24 Tributes bywell-knownpersonalities or media★ Biography★ Chronology★ QuickFacts★ Photogallery - 28 rare and historic pictures of ParveenShakir★ Sharepoems to a range of social networks, or email/SMS to afriend★Bookmark your favourite poems★ No internet connectionrequiredafter download for reading poems★ App is designed tobeinstallation on SD Card★ Plus much more.
Shayari - Dil Ki Baat 1.71
Shayari Messages let you choose the perfect shayari to sharewithyour friends and lover. Hindi shayaris are arranged incategoriesor you can choose the author (shayar). Express TheDeepest FeelingsThrough Words. Shayari collection lets you explainsentiments inall their forms through rhythmic words. Sher-O-ShayariCollectionin Hindi and Urdu languages based on every emotion andtheme.Thehome of urdu poetry and nazms from famous poets like AhmadFaraz,Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmed, Mohsin Naqvi, Pervin Shakir, WasiShah.Over 5000 poems categorised. Shayari is used to conveythesentiment of love. Beautifully written and narrated Shers makesiteasy for a lover to pour his or her heart in front of thelover.One of the most cherished forms of Shayari is donethroughromanticized verses. So much is the power in this form thatitbecomes soul stirring for those who hear it.Shayari is aloveablelanguage among lovers because it also helps in healing thepain ofbroken heart and mold it easily from the nature of sadness.Thefunnier aspect can help to bring out people from dark andenlightentheir mood. A good verse plays a role of fresh air in thedailylife of the person who hears it often and keeps the mind andheartenlightened. Shayari also bonds the heart of people andconnectthem into distinctive intimacy and interdependence.Whateverthemood is Romantic, Sad, Frustrated, Emotional, Heart breakingorlooking for Friendship in hindi, Dard and big collection ofloveshayari in hindi.Features of the App:★ Quickly browsecategories asper the mood.★ Widget Support. Add widget and readsher of the dayeveryday.★ Copy for sharing into otherapplications.★ Set bookmarksand Option to quickly browse bookmarks
Amazing Poetry 1
Amazing Urdu Poetry by Tauqeer Ahmed(Ass.Prof. at FUUAST Islamabad).He got 3rd Position in All Pakistan Poetry Competition held byRadioPakistan.
Kalam Hamza Baba Pashto Part 1 4
Ameer Hamza Shinwari (Pashto: حمزه شينواری) was a famousPashtunpoet. His work is considered a fusion between classic andmodernpoetry. He followed the traditional old classical poetryandblended it with the modern spirit, as well as introducing newideasin Pashto Ghazals. He is known as the father of PashtoGhazals.Thisapplication contains the most famous poetry collectionof famousPashto poet Hamza Shinwari. The collection also containssome ofhis Urdu poetry. This is the 1st part of his poetrycollection.
Urdu Poetry By Parveen Shakir 4.0
App Champ
Kaf-e-Aina By Parveen Shakir is based onthePoetry of very famous poet of Pakistan Parveen Shakir.Excellentand marvellous collection of poetry in urdu language.Parveen Shakir Urdu Poetry Collection.You can Send the selected poetry to your friends by email.You can zoom in and zoom out on any design.High Quality Graphics.Neat User Interface.
Ghazalo Ki Mehfil 12.0
From the makers of “Appsilo Mirza Ghalib Ghazals”, which is asuperhit in very small time and has a very high user rating. ***Nowranked among top new app in India ***A great collection ofGhazalswritten by great poets of Urdu poetry. We have hand pickedall theghazals keeping in mind to give ghazals of all genres andmoods.Find nice Urdu / Hindi Sher and Shayari from most famouspoets likeMirza Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir, Jigar Moradabadi, BekhudDehlvi, AmirKhusro, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Majaz Lakhnavi, Ibn-e-Inshaand lot more.Sher and Shayari for all moods - love, sad, union,seperation andlot more (ishq, mohabbat, milan, judai). Some of theghazals aresung by famous Gazal maetroes like Ghulam Ali Sahab,Jagjit SinghJi, Chitra Ji, Abida Parveen, Farida Khanum, PankajUdhas Ji andmany more. Some of the Ghazals Har ek baat pe kehte hotum ki tukya haiChupke chupke raat din aansuu bahanaa yaad haiLagtaa nahinhai dil meraa ujday dayaar mein Ibtadaae ishq hai rotahai kyaHumko mita sake ye zamane mein dum nahi Aaj Jaane Ki Zid NaKarorone se aur ishq meiN bebaak ho gaye naa kisii kii aaNkh kaanoorhuN Le chala jaan meri rooth k jana tera Pachhtaoge phirhumseshararat nahi achchhi dil-e-naadaaN tujhe huaa kya hai ? buskidushwaar hai har kaam ka aasaaN hona phir chhidi raat baatphooloNki Ik lafz-e-mohabbat kaa adanaa saa fasaanaa hai ... andmany more... All the ghazals are written in romanized Urdu / Hindi,so it iseasy to read even if you are good in reading urdu orhindi.Salientfeatures of the app * Neat and clean text* Free*Minimal Ad *Minimal Permission asked * Small in size * Works onmostly allandroid devices * All ghazals (gazals) are hand picked *Ghazals ofall genres included in one app* Name of the poetprovided* We havealso added all sher of the ghazal (which sometimesnot recorded).Ghazal (Gazal) lovers don't wait, please install itnow. Free appwith minimal ad and maximum Ghazals. We love Ghazalsso we havecreated apps on Ghazals. We will add new ghazals, sherand Shayariin next update. We have tried to avoid any mistake inthe ghazalsbut still if there are few issue left, please mail us,it is highlyappreciated, we will promptly fix the issue.Please rateus, it willhelp us grow. We have put a lot of efforts in collectingtheseGhazals (Gazal / Ghazal), please give us yourfeedback.Sher-o-shayari in hindi / Urdu written in english font.Nazmand Ghazals of all time Favorited ghazal maestro. Lyrics offamoussongs and pages from poems of Famous urdu poets.
Kalam Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah 4.0
Kalam Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah is an application based on anbookwritten in Urdu & Punjabi Language.Is book main HazratBabaBulleh Shah R.A ke halat-o-waqiyaat aur apki shayarihai....Topicsin this book:-> Aik Alif parho-> Bulleh nusamjhawanayeaaan-> Ek haraf se harfi-> Bullah! ki jannamainkon????etc...This app will really helpful for you. Must haveappfor each poetry lover understand Punjabi Language.You cannavigatethrough this book.You can also share the specific portionfrom anypage to any social network or messaging apps using "Crop&Share" Feature of the application.
Urdu Poetry Amjad Islam Amjad 3.1
App Champ
Zara Phir Se Kehna is an application whichisbased on the Poetry Book of a very famous poet of PakistanAmjadIslam Amjad. Excellent and marvelous collection of poetry inurdulanguage. Famous Urdu Poetry on Love and Sadness.UrduLovePoetry.Urdu Romantic Poetry.You can Send the selected recipe to your friends by email.You can zoom in and zoom out on any design.High Quality Graphics.Neat User Interface.
Aik Hazaar Ahadees In Urdu 8.1
App Champ
This application is a humble effort to spread the knowledgeofIslam. If you can understand Urdu Language and you are amuslimthen you must have this application.This application containsonethousand Ahadees in Urdu language by Majmua Afadaat HazratMaulanaAshraf Ali Thanvi Hazrat Maulana Mufti Jameel Ahmad ThanviZazratMaulana Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab All Ahadees have titlesanddetails. Features: 1. Can zoom in and out the image 2. Can Email3.Can Crop the Selected Hadith and Share it on any socialmessagingapp 4. Can Download the Hadith Please remember in yourprayers andsend your feedback for improving this.
Ahmed Faraz Poetry 1.1
Studio D
Ahmad Faraz was a Pakistani Urdu poet. Hewasacclaimed one of the modern Urdu poets of the last century.'Faraz'is his pen name. He was awarded Hilal-e-Imtiaz,Sitara-i-Imtiaz andHilal-e-Pakistan by the government.Ahmed Faraz has been compared with Faiz Ahmad Faiz, holdsaunique position as one of the best poets of current times, withafine but simple style of writing. Even common people caneasilyunderstand his poetry.In an interview with Rediff he recalls how his father,oncebought clothes for him on Eid. He didn't like the clothes meantforhim, but preferred the ones meant for his elder brother. Thisleadhim to write his first couplet::سب کے واسطے لائے ہیں کپڑے سیل سے:لائے ہیں میرے لیے قیدی کا کمبل جیل سےThis app contains a selection of Ahmed Faraz poetry from hisbook"Janan Janan".
Ghalib Ghazals 2.3
Haadi Apps
A complete Dewan-e-Ghalib with Nastaleeq font style. This isthefirst time on Android phone that you can read poetry inNastaleeqfont style for easy reading. You can make selection ontext andshare in on Facebook, Twitter and SMS and Favorite yourselectedghazal too.Features- Select-able text on Nastaleeq fontstyle- Youcan select all ghazal or specific part of the ghazal-Share it onsocial media- Favorite you ghazalFor suggestions andfeedbackplease right to us at:[email protected] youcan alsocontact us on our Facebook page.
Allama Iqbal Shayari 1.5
Allama Iqbal Shayari app contain Allama Iqbal Shayari in urdu.Thereare more than one hundred shayari or poetry of AllamaIqbal.AllamaIqbal, was a philosopher, poet and politician inBritish India.TheLegend of Poetry "Allama Muhammad Iqbal" now inyour Android PoweredDevices. Allama Iqbal Shayari app contain finecollection of AllamaIqbal Shayari in urdu with beautifullydesigned images that you canalso share on Facebook, Twitter,WhatsApp and other social mediaplatforms.
Poetry for the Soul 1.4
Largest Collection of the bestUrdu/HindiShayari from the sub-continent presented in Roman Urdu.Poetry for the Soul by Aaquib NavedDeveloped by Apps Evolution
Shikwa Jawab e Shikwa : With English Translation 3.0
Studio D
Shikwa (Urdu: شکوہ‎) and Jawab-e-Shikwa (Urdu: جواب شکوہ‎) arepoemswritten by well known Urdu language poet Muhammad Iqbal,which werelater published in his book Kulliat-e-Iqbal. "Shikwa" isan Urduword which translates to "complaint" in English. Shikwa(1909) andJawab-i-Shikwa (1913) extol the legacy of Islam and itscivilisingrole in history, bemoan the fate of Muslims everywhere,and squarelyconfront the dilemmas of Islam in modern times. Shikwais thus, inthe form of a complaint to Allah for having let downthe Muslims andJawab-i-Shikwa is Allah's reply. When the firstpart of these poems,Shikwa (1909), was published it created a bigconfusion amongstMuslim scholars who thought that Iqbal is beingrude and harsh inhis words when talking to God in his book andbeing unthankfull ofthe blessings of God since the second part ofhis poem(Jawab-e-Shikwa) was not announced with Publication of thefirstone. But later when Jawab-e-Shikwa (1913) was published alltheproblems went away and everyone praised Iqbal for hiscontributionto Urdu Poetry and making a difference in Islamicliterature.
Mirza Ghalib Shayari SMS Ashar 2.0.1
ARE YOU A FAN OF MIRZA GHALIB THE SHAYARI LEGEND? Then here is aBIGBIG Surpise for you?Shayari Collection of Mirza Ghalib ThegreatUrdu Legend of all times. Enjoy Reading and Share via SMS,Email,Whatsup, & More with your friends.We have collectedtogether anumber of Ashar that cover the whole range of subjectfrom thisgreatest Urdu/Farsi Poet and ThinkerPlease send yourfeedback toimprove this application.
Urdu Love Shayari (Poetry) 1
Urdu Love Shayari (Poetry) is an app for people to expresstheirfeelings. This app contains good quality of poetry in urdulanguagefor poetry lovers.Urdu Love Shayari (Poetry) is acompletecollection of Urdu Love Shayari (Poetry) for true loversFans. Youcan express your love, feelings, passions, Romanticdesires withyour Love.. Urdu Love Shayari contains lot ofAttractive pictureswith most Romantic Shayari which you can sharewith your Partner,Love, can share with your love,friends and familytoo..Cool Features :-★ Beautiful Desinging ★Share with yourfriends on fb, twitter, whatsapp, line etc.★ Highquality images.★Can zoom in and out the image★ Good quality poetry★Nice and simpledesign★ More than 100 poetries★ Easy to use★ Easynavigation★ Goodquality of images★ Easy to read★ Free of costDontforget to rate usand leave your review for further improvements.Thank You
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