parkho79 Приложения

미니웹툰 1.1.9
여러 웹툰을 편하게 볼 수 있도록 도와주는 앱입니다.[주요 기능]- 미니 모드 : 다른 앱들과 동시에 실행되서 인터넷, 게임등을 하면서 웹툰을 볼 수 있습니다.- 즐겨 찾기 : 자주 보는 만화를 즐겨찾기로 등록할 수 있습니다.- 전체 모드 : 메뉴키를 누르면 웹툰을 화면 전체로 볼 수 있습니다.[지원하는 웹툰]1. 네이버 웹툰2. 다음 만화속세상3. 카카오 웹툰4. 네이트 만화5. 올레마켓 웹툰6. T store 웹툰7. 머니투데이 만화8. 스포츠조선 만화9. 스포츠동아 웹툰10. 스포츠서울 웹툰11. 스투닷컴12. 포커스 만화13. 카카오 페이지14. 티테일15. 판툰16. 달툰Many cartoons can helpease app.[Feature] - Mini Mode: doeseo other apps running at the same time asthe Internet, play games, and you can see the cartoons. - Favorites: Frequent favorite cartoons can beregistered. - Full Mode: Press the Menu key, you can view the entirescreen cartoons.[Support the Pick Your1 Pick Naver2 The following cartoon in the world3 Pick cocoa4 Nate comicMay Olle Market Pick6. T store Pick7 Money Today cartoon8 Sports Chosun cartoon9 Pick Sports Donga10 Sport Seoul Pick11 seutudatkeom12 Focus cartoon13. Cocoa page14 tee tail15. Pantun16. Daltun
D-Day 1.2.2
Simple d-day app. - Add, edit, delete the D-Day - Add the image tothe D-Day. - You can see it by the month. - Simple widget, thatallows you to show D-Day in your home screen.
Mini tools(explorer,browser..) 1.3.8
Mini tools is run various features alwaysonthe top layer.■ Explorer : You can see file list and run.■ Browser : You can run the Internet.■ Torch : You can turn on and off your camera flash.■ Calculator : You can run the calculator.■ Camera : You can take a picture.■ Move : You can move the window of explorer or browserwhiletouch and move the above translucent area.■ Resize : You can resize the window of explorer or browserwhiletouch and move the below red icon.
Simple lunar calendar 1.2.2
Simple lunar calendar. - You can see today. - You can see all lunarday. - Simple widget, that allows you to show calendar with lunarday in your home screen.
MultiTasker 1.2.1
■ Multitasker is a collection of apps launched from thenotification shade that pop up over your current activity so youcan multitask in a different way. (It is the same function of theLG devices QSlide.) ■ Multitasker serves us in many ways as follows- There is no need to install apps for torch. - You can browse theinformation of game while playing the game. - You can use thecalculator while using the bank apps. - You can browse the filewhile downloading. ■ Some details of the features are as follows -Explorer : See file list and run. - Browser : Run the web browser -Torch : Turn on and off your camera flash. - Calculator : Run thecalculator. - Camera : Take a picture. - Memo : Short notes areavailable - Stopwatch : Track time. ■ How to resize or moving asfollows. - Move : You can move the window of explorer or browserwhile touch and move the above translucent area. - Resize : You canresize the window of explorer or browser while touch and move thebelow triangle icon. ■ Keywords multitasker, multitasking, tasking,multi, task, tasking
Timer & stopwatch 1.2.6
■ Multiple timer & stopwatch. Supports several timer &stopwatch adding, editing and deleting. ■ Timer - You can addseveral timers and play it each other. - Stay on top of all otherapps. - Timer is going to run after setting the time and press thestart button. - When the time expires, a vibration alerts. ■Stopwatch - You can add several stopwatches and play it each other.- Stay on top of all other apps. - Provides the functions such asstart, stop, reset. ■ Keywords timer, stopwatch
Alarm 1.0.5
Simple alarm app. - Add, edit, delete the alarm. - Control thealarm volume and silence time. - Control snooze length
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