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Shinobi War
NRaven Games
Play with your favorite heroes in Shinobi War.Shinobi War is new 2D anime ninja battle game.*HOW TO PLAY:- Use horizontal cross buttons for movement .- Use UP button for JUMP.- Use DOWN button for BLOCK.- Use B button for chakra charging.- Use A button for attack.*HOW TO USE SPECIAL MOVES:- Go to the "Pause Menu" then select "Move List".
Cops Vs Robbers: Jailbreak
Aeria Canada
IMPORTANT: Some users are experiencing issues restoring in-apppurchases. We are working on fixing the problem. If you encounterany troubles with in-apps, please contact us [email protected] so that we can help you solve your problem.Thank you! Integrate yourself into a world of high stakes deceptionand heart pumping action. It's time to run, outsmart and dodgehostile inmates and prison guards. Feel the danger as you blastthrough intense landscapes and enjoy amazing graphics animation.Experience a classic 3D block action game. A challenging firstperson shooter action game that is a thrill a minute experience.From the collection of hidden melee and firearm weapons and thescattering of helpful pickups to the mobs of savage enemies and thetricky landscapes, this game is ripe with intense play. Enjoyintuitive controls and massive levels that boast dangerous battlesthat will require quick thinking and fast reflexes. Fight your wayagainst dozens of foes and take control over the justice system asyou battle your way to freedom. The fight starts now. Features:Collect health and ammo pickups as you explore your surroundingsPrepare for enemies to increase as levels progress Endless sprint,armor and damage powerups Enemy radar Daily rewards
Squad Strike WS : Free Shooter
Free online / offline TPS (Third PersonShooter) game.FEATURES:- Online multiplayer mode.- Offline bot match.- Smart bot.- 8 customizable guns.- 3 unique abilities.- 2 unique WarSuits: Soldier and Ninja.- Beautiful 3D graphics.and more!Powered by Exit Games Photon Cloud
Project: SLENDER
Redict Studio
You always dreamed of extreme sports, but in real life it isaccompanied by a real danger? Then try to experience the realvirtual adrenaline. Project: SLENDER - a game in which have to relyon their own ingenuity and ability to find solutions to the mostcomplicated situation. Interesting pastime for you and your lovedones - guaranteed. The main goal - to collect 8 pages and runfaster to the exit. But someone does not want to see you get out,and that someone - Slender.
Zombie Sniper Game
Zombie Sniper Gun 3D City Game is the new free shooting game of theyear! You and your sniper rifle are the only survivors of a zombieinfection. In this free shooter game a virus infected the wholeworld except you. All your city is infected and blood iseverywhere. Shoot zombies in the head to be the best killer of thecity and survive, or just become another zombie like them. InZombie Sniper Gun 3D City Game you will need to manage your gunshipand bullets and kill every undead before they drive you to death!Pull the trigger and watch extreme kills with its slow motioncamera! In this game you can make zombies bleed a tsunami byshooting them on the face! Increase the counter of dead undead andcompare yourself to your friends on Zombie Sniper Gun 3D CityGame's leaderboards! Thanks to TeknoAXE for their free music.Zombie Sniper Gun 3D City Game's features:---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Action game. - Realistic physics. - Accurate 3D sniper rifle. -Kills counter. - Leaderboards with your friends. - Amazing specialeffects and slow-mo camera!
Street Skater 3D
Street Skater 3d is the game to play for all skate lovers outthere. Play Street Skater 3d and improve your skating skills. Getas many coins as you can and purchase different skaters or upgradesfor your power-ups. Choose between 2 different controller setups(buttons or accelerometer). Street Skater 3d is all about skatingyour way through town. Avoid obstacles and cars. Try to set ahighscore every single time you play. What are you waiting for?Download Street Skater 3d now!Features:- 6 different skaters.- 2power-ups to boost your performance.- Continue feature included.-Real skating moves and tricks.- Excellent 3d graphics.- Skatingmusic all the way!
Commando Adventure Shooting
Commando adventure shooting is a thrilling sniper shooting gamewith a lot of fun and adventure. Play the most demanded commandoshooting game being a spy commando and be ready for the realbreathtaking venture. Face the extreme counter war while survivingin the deadliest jungles and forests. Use your special gorillacommando skills to cope with all the troubles and show your extremesniping powers to win all the stealth wars. You have to do multiplejobs being a spy commando. First of all, disable the watch towersecurity by using your sniper guns and then breach the base campsilently. Just use the stealth movements and avoid any directconflict with enemy soldiers to complete the spy mission withoutany trouble. Commando adventure shooting game allows you to boostyour sniper shooting skills by giving you an access to the latestand modern assault guns. Enjoy the awe-inspiring and entertainingsnow terrain while experiencing the most accurate shootingsimulation ever. Be a precise sniper shooter, as the precision is akey factor to succeed in all gun shooting games. The more you areprecise, the more chances of winning the sniper mission. As amember of SSG force, you are well equipped with all the advanceweaponry to perform the secret surgical strikes. Be ready for thehigh warfare in the mid of enemy territory and show your enemy whatyou are capable off. The commando adventure shooting game comprisesdozen of sniping missions in the multiple beautiful terrains. Ineach mission, you have to complete different game objectives byusing the modern equipment. Use the satellite radar navigator anddetailed computer map to locate the enemy hideouts. Just sneak pastthe enemy patrols and take the stealth walk without alerting theenemy commandos. You can have multiple weapons at the same time.Use the sniper telescopic zoom to take long range gun shots and theassault rifles for the close range combats. So, gear up and braceyourself for the most realistic gun battles for the first time inreal 3D mode and enjoy this sniper shooting game for free.   How toPlay: With Game pad: - Complete user guide and tutorial for playinggame with game pad is provided within the game. Without Game pad: -Control the commando movements using the virtual joystick on halfleft of your device screen. - For aiming, swipe your finger acrossthe right side of the device screen. - Tap Fire button located atright bottom to fire the bullet. - Press zoom to have a telescopesniper view of enemies. - Tap on gun icon to switch the weapons. -Use the map to have the real-time satellite view of place. - Findthe enemy hideouts by using the radar navigator. Top Features ofCommando Adventure Shooting Game: - Best military commando shootinggame ever. - Astonishing 3D environment and real animated snipergun fire view. - Adventurous commando game with user friendly GUIand controls. - Good quality sound effects and real gunshots firesound. - Most realistic shooting simulation ever. If you like thecommando adventure shooting game, please try other games byclicking “More from Developer” or by visiting our publisheraccount. And don’t forget to rate and review.
Force Sniper Battle War
Join the special force and finish mission impossible!Pick up most advanced modern weapon.Eliminate the terrorist and enemies and bring honors to yourteam.Get into a modern realistic epic battle and become the bestsoldierThe modern war battlefield is calling for the best army.A very good game if you are a FPS game fan.
Yodo1 Games
"Cartoonish graphics, simple and intuitive game play, free-to-play,OMG: TD has it all""This is such a cool game I can'tstop playing!""Great visual style, witty descriptions, fun to play,easy to dive into.""Very fun gameplay and a great sense ofhumor."Play the action-packed defense game where you command theGreek gods themselves! Blast hordes of monsters with elementalmagic, call legendary heroes to your aid, and summon your gods towreak havoc across the battlefield!OMG: TD! is an ever-expandinguniverse of danger and ridiculousness. Unlock and level up the mostpowerful gods from Greek legend, and imbue them with specialpowers. Explore 33 thrilling levels set in 4 different worlds. Pushyour tactical skills to the very limit by playing the game inchallenge mode. Battle the terrible Titans and their armies and seewho comes out on top!FEATURES- FREE TO PLAY- Blast monsters withLIGHTNING, FIRE, WATER or ICE with a single SWIPE- Unlock andupgrade unique skills for each of 11 gods, from Poseidon’s SushiBuffet to Ares’s Party Crasher and Hephaestus's Cluster Bomb!- Over50 different monsters, from Horse Fishes to Harpies and Satyrs,each with their own skills!- Find and use Exploding Sheep,Automatons, Pits of Despair and Spinning Saws- Turn the tides ofbattle with amazing power-ups like the FIST OF GOD and the HERO’SBEEFCAKE- Defeat LEGENDARY BOSS MONSTERS from Greek myth!Have anyproblems or suggestions? You can reach us at [email protected]!You can also access the in-game community to ask questions, sharestrategy, and interact with other players! The game require accessto the following Permission ----------Read device state andidentity - READ_PHONE_STATE permission required by 3rd party adSDKs
Mighty Fighter 2
Arix Team
The best fighting game Super Update !!!( You Lucky !!! )Many top character count.Easy operation, cool combo.- Infinite combo, it is a condition of winning!- Bluetooth, it is a condition of friendship destruction!- Please play the dogfight. We can see the best chaos.- Level Up Shoot! And Raise your attack and defense!- So many characters are waiting for you!- Let's travel the world with your character! Go Adventure!The new mode !!!Unlocked the best action RPG, The Secret!Win a master! Get the specials and skills.It is not easy to meet the master.character! Leave the trip!But the trip will not be easy.Create a GYM in town! You can compete in the world of user andskills.Who will conquer the world?Now, scones, do not worry! And enjoy!Please open the hidden character!Good Luck to you !Give Mighty Fighter 2 soon to tell your friends!Mighty Fighter 2 comes a variety of characters.(General Fighting Games: ▶ Less than 16  Mighty Fighter 2: ▶ more than 50)Character of all genres are being cross-over.Current Mighty Fighter 2 is popular all over the world.Users who like fighting games should by all means.Best game show the essence of parody.* Oversee the planning and producers say the "Blue Wind":  "You'll see the best fighting game!"* Battle Master Planner engine "XarsTUL" says:  "You will get the best combo systems!"About the current character (continued being added ...)◈ Billy : the best fighting. Descendants of the Dragon.◈ Xarstul : sharp, pointed attacks are adept◈ DungMan : The attack shit. Dirty.◈ Ninja: Now formatting of darkness. Very fast.◈ Devil: A cute little devil.◈ Dingo: dingo incarnation of money. This will increase yourbody.◈ Roboto : just another pretty powerful Lobo.◈ Malang : Kung Fu Kid boy admired Bruce Lee.◈ Dragali : kung fu master who like porn.◈ Bunny Ladies : Cute bunny girl. However, the special moves andpowerful.◈ Skelton : Articles skeleton. Attack is characterized by thebone◈ Moai : wrestling match. Man leading power.◈ Dog S.Y : yugigyeon fighters.◈ Street Yun : beggars who came from New York◈ Garius: The final boss of the game◈ Sonogong: The Fighting favorite porn◈ Cleaning: sonogong training with a shorty friend◈ Baejitul: alien fighters. Blast wave adept.◈ Piccolo: alien fighters. It increases limbs.◈ C.Tonaldo: The famous football player. Use kikman.◈ L.Nesi: Saturday's rival naldu. Free to use and limbs.◈ SibalMong: Monkey Fighter.◈ RiYori: hooligans who like to cook.◈ Two-piece: the fighting arms and legs are growing.◈ Antonio: properties dirty bully.◈ Lee Baedal: fighting for respect for the darling. Chineserestaurant serving top.◈ Miss Kim: women with no manners. Tobacco attacks and attacksChanel bag.◈ Tojanya: Muay Thai fighter a lot of sleep.◈ Aren in advance: When it turns into a giant open.◈ Narutul: descendants of the ninja. Very fast.◈ Knuckle John: Owner of the speed machining.◈ Super Gario: Mr. geeks are adept in attack mushroom.◈ Bruce Lee: founder of the Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee.◈ Psykyo: boy superpowers to use a fire.◈ Terius: Fighting boy cap collecting hobby.◈ Misima.H: Fighting Dirty properties grandfather.◈ Clark: Mr. journalists. Once transformed into heat!◈ Sutaman: hero dressed in a spandex outfit. Keep only the UnitedStates.◈ Guan yu: One of the great general of the Three Kingdoms inChina.◈ Bad man: Hero to rule the night. Poor character.◈ Spi man: Always spyware that secretly infiltrated. Georindaalways looked.◈ Sorangka: His speed is Sonic. Turf is Blanka ! Indeedinvincible!◈ yangkkochi yen :◈ Captain Afreeca:◈ Lion Man:◈ Jimmy:◈ Crapars :◈ Hyper Link:◈ Karaden:◈ Hinkel◈ Zorro◈ Yamada◈ Tiffany◈ Wonder Gal◈ CuraCura◈ KongKong◈ Zeus◈ Einstaein...In addition there are a number of characters and you can notimagine.
Dead Bunker 4: Apocalypse Free
Trial version of action-horror. Something terrible has happened - avirus that turns people into the living dead escaped! Scientistswill be able to stop the epidemy, but somebody has to collect theinformation about the virus and create a vaccine. These are thetasks for the main character.
Run Forrest Run! - The endless running game!
Genera Games
Run Forrest Run! - Endless Run is the best running game for all thefamily! Ready to have fun? Download this arcade runner game now andrun, do not stop, just run and dodge the different obstacles thatstand in your way.Welcome to Run Forrest Run! - Endless Run, theofficial runner game of Forrest Gump!Run like a runner! Jump like amonkey! Collect coins like a banker! And fly like a bird!Be carefulwith the cars, trucks, bumps, rocks, trees and other obstacles thatyou have to overcome on the way. Go through football Stadium anddodge the players. Run as fast as a dog runs behind a sausage andcatch the bubba gump prawns!Delve into dangerous forests ofVietnam... War zone! Take care and dodge enemy bombs andbullets!Join this addictive adventure and dash as fast as you can,overcome the levels and unlock new scenarios and characters.Youwill never get bored again, it doesn’t matter if you're on the bus,on the train or in the subway. Thanks to you do not need internetto play, you can run with Forrest anywhere, at any time. Say bye toboredom!This is the best adventure run game… Definitely! GAMEFEATURES:-Amazing runner game!Welcome to the new action game at topspeed, are you addicted to run, jump and dodge? You will need areal old school reflexes to overcome the challenge! Have fun withthis wild race, the best run and jump game, uniquely blends thegenres of arcade and action games.-Easy to play!Simple andintuitive control system, all the acrobatics moves with one finger.Swipe up on your screen to make a jump and escape from obstacles,press down your finger to slide under hurdles.Dash left or right toturn your runner. Can you dodge all cars and enemies?Activate thehang glider and fly over the blocks while collect coins in the airin this endless runner.-Missions reward system!Complete threemissions and level up your multiplicator rating, each mission isunique. Unlock amazing scenarios to play ‘Run Forrest Run’ withcolorful and fantastic graphics like Alabama, Route 66, FootballStadium or dangerous forests of Vietnam, all of them recreatescenes from the beloved. Welcome to a new 3D running game!-Challenge and beat your friends!Synchronize with your Facebook andGoogle Play accounts, compete with your friends, beat them andreach the top of the ranking. Enter in the competitive mode and runpast your high scores in the game and become the top runner. Showthem who is the best in this infinite running games.-Upgrade andcustomize!There are a lot of skins and helmets to customize yourcharacter. What do you prefer? A rugby helmet or a rocket helmet?Each item have special powers like slow down time, jump moredistance, multiply your points or survive one/two impacts with aobstacle. Non stop action in this never ending jumping game!Veryeasy to play and totally free, with its simple and intuitiveinterface, run and dodge with only one finger! You'll love thischallenge running action game at full speed!Do you like the cartoongraphics? Check out the official game video. There are thousands ofsurprises waiting for you in this third person runnergame: thisentertainment jumping game, you won't stop running, jumping anddodging! Free download ‘Run Forrest Run’ and start this wild racenow! Get all scenarios!Visit us and and enjoy our freegames:www.generagames.comDon’t miss our news and releases! Followus on facebook, twitter andinstagram:,have fun, and remember: “life is a box of chocolates you never knowwhat you are gonna get”Enjoy the game ;)
Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter
💥The best 3D PvP multiplayerarmyshootinggame!Free!💥💥 Sniper squad will allow experiencingrealadrenalineof warin battlefields from real life battle net.😎JOIN ELITE SNIPER SQUADThe “Sniper Arena” simulator will take you fromyourmobiledevice’sscreen right to a realistic and tough world ofwarandterror!💥BECOME THE BEST SNIPER 😎Take a rifle and join in fierce battles in themainsnipermobileonline PvP game. Prove to everyone that you arethebestkillershooter by fighting with the strongest snipers oftheworld,thereis more than 500 000 of hunters already. 💪Destroy snipers on the way to elite, win titles,discoverandresearchthe best rifles over the world, usemodernmilitaryammunition in eachbattle.Enjoy excellent 3D graphics and dynamic shootingwithonlineplayers,that creates a full sense of actual combat!Topthestandings withyour platoon, arrange shooting andhuntenemies,capture and defendterritories!GAME FEATURES✓ Three modes of online battle – one againstall,teambattle,conquer territories. Challenge other players, joinasquad,or createyour own! Arrange sniper duel shooters withothersquads,and fightfor territory! 🔫✓ Multiplayer: up to 8 real opponents on themap.RealWorldWar – Special Forces and terrorists,soldiersagainstassassins andhitman.✓ Enjoy breathtaking 3D GRAPHICS: theworld’sbestSNIPERRIFLES, superbly realistic and authentic ineverylittleaspect,and 4 spectacular combat locations, madewithsupremeattention todetail, thought through in terms of gamelogicandthebalance.✓ Try intuitively easy controls – SWIPE, ZOOM,KILL!Competeinbest-known 3 game modes: Deathmatch, TeamDeathmatch,andDominationwith up to 8 real opponents on the map,whoevershootsmore snipers -wins the round.✓ Ally with your friends to build anUNSTOPPABLESQUAD,leadthem to the top, duel with other teams andwinterritories intheDomination mode.✓ The most convenient controlling: shoot andkillhitman.Firstperson shooter: it can be handled even by achildsitting onapotty-chair, or a granny on a bench at theporch.✓ Realistic 3D Weapon: improve your shooting skillsandhitthetarget by the best sniper rifles of the world,realsoundsofweapons.✓ Scenic battle locations: 🚁 BlockhouseMountain,OldCustomsHouse, Village in the mountains, andUSmilitarybase.✓ Unique players rating and detailed statistics,morethan60sniper titles: from Recruit to Hunter!✓ A great number of upgrades and improvements.✓ Common game server for all platforms.✓ Real-life network communication: teamandgeneralchat.ATTENTIONIn the game Sniper Arena there are materials foradults,scenesofviolence and blood. All the battles take place inrealtime, soyouneed an Internet connection.Get answers to all questions about the game,searchforsquadandfightershere:
Beat the Boss 3 (17+)
Beat The Boss 17+ is the ultimate stress reliever!!Your dream hascome true. All your life you have wanted to beat your boss, and nowyou finally can. With millions of the Boss series downloads todate, it is no secret that this is everybody’s favorite stressrelief game. Your boss knows that you are playing this game, andthere is nothing he can do about it. → Customize your boss: Evilcomes in many forms. You can make your own! → Customize your toys:Camouflage or champagne color objects? It’s up to you. → Physicssimulated: Get a satisfying reaction to all of your intensebeatings→ Funny one-liners: Don’t laugh too loud at work → Worldtour: Play in beautiful hand-crafted stages!
Fields of Battle
The #1 Extreme Sports FPS franchise is back! Take your carnageanywhere as Greg Hastings Paintball presents Fields of Battle.Whether you're a paintball player or a first-person shooter fan,Fields of Battle will satisfy your desire to blast the competition!With ground-breaking motion and gesture based controls includingsliding, diving, leaning out from cover, throwing grenades, andmore, Fields of Battle takes the mobile shooter experience to thenext level. Think you know shooters? This is real combat - one hit,one elimination. Manage your gear, use cover, adjust for windage,and angle your shots. There's no auto-aim here, it's PURE skill andPURE action! Instant Leaderboards let you play locally but competeGLOBALLY! Compete in real-time against dozens of other players asyou battle neck-and-neck for the high score in ever-changingevents. * MOGA Gamepad Enhanced! Available at major retailers,carrier stores and online at * Playsgreat on a big screen with MHL! - * FREE tocreate your character and start playing online. * Participate in apersistent online competitive world that is constantly changing. *Compete in live online events against dozens of other players inreal time. * Play at REAL locations (and a few fantasy ones!) allover the world, at more than 60 massive, authentic fields. *Customize your character and upgrade with tons of REAL gear. * Anamazing arsenal of customizable weaponry, including automatic,burst mode, clip-fed, MilSim, and speedball markers, and don'tforget the PAINT GRENADES! * Intuitive motion and gesture controlswith full HUD and control customization. * Full 3D graphics,including detailed environments, shadows, multi-level structures,outdoor and indoor environments, and more. * Challenging weather -play in the sun, the rain, fog, and wind. * Optimized for phonesand tablets. Visit our official site at
Strike Fighters
Dogfight against MiGs! Cold War jet air combat flight game on thego! Use your phone's tilt sensor to fly classic jet fighters andengage in dogfights through aviation history! * Straight to actionjet combat flight game! * Easy controls using accelerometer (tiltsensor)! * Over 100 historical jet fighter aircraft to unlock! *Cold War campaign covering air battles from 1954 to 1979! *Progress through the years to unlock more advanced airplanes! *Become an Ace pilot! See how you rank against your friends onGoogle Play Games! This app contains advertising, in-apppurchasing, and social sharing through Google Play Games. If youhave any interest in aviation, download Strike Fighters now and tryit out!
Block Force - Cops N Robbers
"Block Force" is the new online pixel fps game developed by JoyDoStudio,released by Riovox Company.We are committed to develop thebest online pixel shooting game on mobile.This time, we bring awhole new experience for you.Keep fighting to be the best shooter.Features: 1.Online Competitive & Optimize network experience: 1server with 5 regions(GLOBAL, US, EU, ASIA, JP) 2.More playersfighting in one room: up to 20 players in the same room.3.Graphics: shock of visual effect with 3D pixel style. 4.Soundeffect: professional sound effect design. 3.Five mode: DeathMatch,Killing Competition, Stronghold, Explosion, Mutation.4.Friend System: add friends in game, fighting with buddies allaround the world! 5.Skin Editor: create your own skins. 6.Hat &Cape: equip hat or cape to your character. 7.Growth System: keepfighting to promote your rank. 8.Slots: Win all the items in gamefrom here. 9.Reward System: rich game rewards, give you a sustainedcombat power 10.Reasonable in game store: provide more choice.
Zombie Hunter: Post Apocalypse Survival Games
Genera Games
Zombie Hunter is one of the best free zombie shooting games ever!Survive in a post apocalypse wasteland killing zombies and stoppingthe dead rising in the last day of the world. Shoot into the dead,stop the unkilled invasion and save humanity in the king of FPSzombie survival games! Take your sniper rifle and fire weapons, aimto every walking dead and kill zombies as a lone survivor toprevent the end of the world.The Zombie Apocalypse has just begun!A pandemic is spreading, and people are starting to mutate intosome kind of walking dead. Help survivors by killing the zombieoutbreak and stop the end of the world. Travel to wasteland, takeyour rifle and try your sniper skills shooting the unkilled! Youwill need strategy and precision to stop the assault in this zombieaction shooter game. Keep your finger on the trigger, survive andshoot to every living dead!★ Download Zombie Hunter, PostApocalypse Zombie Survival Games, and start killing living deadsright now! Become the ultimate zombie killer and stop the undeadinfection! ★SHOOT ZOMBIES AND STOP THE END OF THE WORLDYou are alone survivor sniper that must save humanity from a zombieoutbreak. Kill zombies before they can infect people. You must bequick in this 3D free zombie shooting game full of undeadenemies!SEVERAL GAMEPLAY MODES!Shoot zombies hordes, defeat zombiebosses in special missions, play as a zombie instead as a survivor,use dogs to help you to find treasures and kill enemies. You havemany ways to play Zombie Hunter, the top 1 fps zombie survivalgames! NEW MISSIONS AND MAPSTravel to wasteland and kill zombieenemies through tens of missions. Use your sniper rifle and shootevery walking dead to save yourself. Stop the dead rising andsurvive one last day in the best zombie shooting games!DOZENS OFWEAPONS TO UPGRADEDo you prefer sniper rifles, assault rifles,bazookas or machine guns? Choose your favorite one and upgradethem! Fight a living dead army in one of the funniest free zombiegames.STUNNING 3D GRAPHICSZombies are more real than ever! You willbe impressed by graphics, gameplay and soundtrack. Zombie Hunter isthe best post apocalypse zombie game with FPS and actionelements!PLAY OFFLINE OR ONLINE!Do you like zombie games online orfree zombie games offline? Play Zombie Hunter wherever you want.Enjoy this wonderful FPS zombie action game.Use your skills andstop the undead plague infection! Stop the end of the world bykilling every zombie. The most powerful living dead is waiting foryou! Get ready to fight against the forces of evil! Hunting zombieshave never been so funny!If you like First Person Shooter (FPSgames), zombie survival games, sniper games and action war games,you will enjoy Zombie Hunter! Join the Zombie Hunter army and startshooting every walking dead in the ultimate zombie sniper game!Official game video:
Yolo Fish
Osaris Games
Good news, everyone! Today, you are a fish.And you only live once,so please mind the sharks.Who knows what will happen if you livelong enough? You might be surprised.
Pixel Gunner
# Added New Map Slender House Pixel Style 3D Pocket endless FPSGame 'Pixel Gunner' Shooting game of pixel-style for thefirst-person gun is back. Using various weapons such as shotguns,bazookas, machine guns, and grenades, survive by protectingyourself from zombies and enemies! To become the best hunter (hero)... *** Features *** - Mission modes of 50 different stages -Survival modes of more than 20 survival games - Boss mode: hunt ahuge enemy - Total production systems - Skin systems - Shootingonly by an easy hunting aim - automatic shooting - Gun Craft System( Collect Material ) [Collect Color Bloack and Craft Your Gun!] #This game that dont need wifi and play offline without internet. #This game is pixelstar game's 3d pixel 3d fps game. This version ofthe game is not a demo. it is a full edition (Pocket Edition)
Wild Tanks Online
Realistic online tank warfare simulator for for wide range ofmobile devices Wild Tanks: - Over 100 serial tanks from World WarII to Cold War - Self-propelled and towed artillery, MLRS andguided missiles - Dynamic 7x7 PvP battles online - Accurate physicsfor an atmosphere of realistic movement and battle mechanics -Realistic shell hits and armor penetration - Historically accuratetank armor, including weak spots - Realistic tank spottingmechanics - Easy communication between players - Variedbattlefields - HD graphics optimized for your mobile device'scapabilities - Intuitive touchscreen controls with option toconfigure tank controls Not tanks, but crews outfight battles.Gather Your team and become the best!
Critical Missions: SPACE
Critical Missions: SPACE delivers the nostalgic fast paced FPSgaming experience on your Android devices. Enjoy the smooth andcustomizable touch controls and play the cross-platformfirst-person shooter!Critical Missions: SPACE is is a cross-platform First-Personshooter online multiplayer game where players are able to competeagainst each other on web and mobile platforms.CRITICAL MISSIONS: SPACE KEY FEATURES- Cross-platform 3D First-Person Shooter MMO: beat players fromother mobile platforms- Multiplayer Mode: Local network and Servers Globally (USA,Europe, Japan and Asia)- Single Player Mode: Player vs. Customizable Alien Bots- Smooth and Responsive Customizable Touch Controls (--> Gamemenu - Settings - User Interface - Edit HUD)- Six Game Types: Classic, Team Death Match (TDM), Alien Mode,Alien Match, Survival, Death Match, Juggernaut and Capture The Flag(CTF)- Customizable settings- Dozens of pre-installed and downloadable unique mapsCRITICAL MISSIONS: SPACE SUPPORT FORUMS
Zombies After Me!
Your city has been invaded by hordes of hungry zombies, your onlygoal is to escape and save yourself as fast as you can before beingeaten by some horrible undead!Make your way through the walkingdead slaughtering them with your Chainsaw and blasting their brainswith the Shotgun before it's too late!Use the Skateboard and youracrobatic skills to get through obstacles and avoid the runawaycars, and take advantage of the explosive barrels scattered aroundthe environment to create a devastating hellfire!Run like hell inthis adrenalinic adventure with horror / splatter atmosphere, thesurvival of the human race depends only on you!★ Features ★- Dodgeobstacles and perform stunts of all types by swiping your finger onthe screen!- Use the Chainsaw and the Shotgun to smash thezombies!- Use the Skate Mode to run at full speed between thezombies and trample everything!- 3D graphics of the highest qualityand in Full HD!!!- Collect coins to buy several items and power-upsin a well assorted virtual store!- Supports Google Play Games:compete with players all around the world thanks to leaderboardsand achievements!- Supports both smartphones and tablets!For anyquestion about this game contact us at:[email protected]
Description:The world is submitted by dark forces, leaving only last guardiansfight to bring light back to the land. You are going to regainhuman glory with your heroes. Recruit mighty classes and gear-up bycollecting equipment in arenas to craft you own pieces! Battle onand destroy your enemies! Get it now in play market and play forfree!Tight gameplaywith excellent 3D graphic,  splendid scene and stunning sound effect.Just love it!This game is super tough, mobs are pretty strong, and no one teach you how to play, you need to learn it by yourself, so it fits me well, a superior.I thought it is another ordinary ARPG, didn’t expect it to be sofun! This is better than any other game out there.“Appszoom”-Last Guardians is a delight for those fans ofbrawlers.“DailyAppShow”-You should get it from Google Play Store today.Feature:1.PURE 3D graphics in different arena levels;2.UNLOCKABLE locations and classes with thrilling characterskills;3.ACCURATE SCREENPAD control enables you to fight against variousmonsters;4.GEARS for you to power up;5.20+ LEVELS with 3 mode stages to complete;6.20+ KINDS of monsters and lackeys to beat;
Clear Vision 3 -Sniper Shooter
HEADSHOT! Breathe slowly, put your target in your sight and firewhen ready.Make your way through over 55 unique missions and learnto calculate wind and distance in order to master your customizedweapon! • Fully customizable weapons!• 55 Unique missions! • EasyControls!• Animated Cut Scenes • Gripping Storyline • Blood andGore Animation • Wind and Distance Calculation • Cool game world •The follow up to "Clear Vision (17+)" & "Clear Vision 2" FREETO PLAY! The third installment in the "Clear Vision"- series isfree to play! Take out your targets with clean shots in this awardwinning sniper adventure! • Tyler lives a good life, a murderoushitman during the day, loving family-man at night. He has becomethe success he always dreamed about, but someone is on his trailand threatens to ruin it all... • AIM AND FIRE! Breathe slowly,pick up your rifle, put your target in your sight and fire whenready. Visit us on Facebook
Road Warrior - Crazy & Armored
Bunbo games
ROAD WARRİOR - CRAZY ARMORED is a much vivid, addictive, fun andbeautiful free racing game. This game has good controls and physicsso you can feel like real driving the car.This best racing game isnot a simple racing game. You can shoot, launch a missile ordropping a mine to stop other cars beyond you. Moreover, you shouldbe careful to avoid hitting obstacles on the road. The obstaclescan be destroyed by shooting and missile.ROAD WARRİOR - CRAZYARMORED, with eye-catching graphics and realistic drivingsensations of a racing game.* Beautiful 3D graphics* Entertaininggameplay* Challenging and outstanding 3D outdoor environment withstunning graphics.* Great sounds* Touch screen steering
Auto Driver
Auto Driver is exciting Game where Driverneeds to drive the Auto through rough roads and pickup customers tomake a living.Auto Driver includes six exciting levels with hard to driveroads in the suburbs of India. Finish the levels and helppassengers waiting for their ride home.
Mafia Rush™
As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to play a gangstergame…Mafia Rush is the gangster game you have been waiting for.With unique visuals, deep and dynamic gameplay as well as a ton ofitems and weapons to unlock, Mafia Rush is the Don of the genre.Like Mafia Rush on Facebook to get news and participate indiscussions:• GOODFELLAS ANDBADFELLASDefend yourself and your loot against waves of bad guys infour different modes of play; Robbery, Defend, Attack, andSurvival. Each mode offers something different and will test you ina new way!• BECOME A MADE MANEarn experience and cash as youcomplete stages that you can use to level up your character’sagility, speed and health. You can also buy new weapons and itemsfrom Sentry Guns to Rocket Launchers!• CRIMINAL EMPIREAs you playthrough the campaign unlock new areas to control. Keep an Ace inthe hole as you collect playing cards to uncover these new areasand build your way up to running the big city!
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