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Football Management Ultra 2019 - Manager Game 2.1.25
Are you the next Mourinho or Guardiola? Play soccer manager andfind out if you have what it takes to manage your own soccer team.Play our fantasy soccer game, Win the Champions League and masteryour country’s Premier League. In this interactive multiplayersoccer manager game, you will have the opportunity to manage asoccer team like a pro. Put your tactics to the ultimate testagainst other soccer managers worldwide and constantly improve yoursoccer skills! Create the ultimate online soccer team byhand-picking your top eleven players, while massively climbing thefantasy soccer rankings. Train your players to play like real-lifepros from Premier Leagues around the globe and win fantasy soccertrophies – Your job as soccer manger has just began! TRAIN SOCCERTEAMS Develop your players’ skills by using Football ManagementUltra’s soccer training system. Bring your players’ soccer skillsto perfection as you train them to be the best in their division –Go to the stadium and begin the soccer training! Work your way upthe local league to qualify to play in the Champions League. Takeadvantage of different soccer tactics in training, go over yoursoccer stats and surprise your opponent in this excitingmultiplayer game. MANAGE SOCCER STADIUM FACILITIES AND SPONSORSHIPSFMU brings real game aspects to your fantasy soccer club. Just likereal soccer games, a big part of your club’s revenue is generatedvia sponsorships and VIP deals at the stadium on game day. Keepyour Chairman happy, expand your stadium & get more supportersas you build your fantasy soccer team. You must work hard toachieve the best fantasy soccer team! GAME FEATURES: - Train yourplayers to play like real-life pro soccer players - Trade playersin a real-time dynamic fantasy soccer market - Come up with yourown unique soccer tactics and winning strategies - Enjoy realisticPremier League and cup competition structures - Experiencereal-time online live soccer matches - Follow soccer stats -Upgrade stadiums, training grounds, shop facilities - Challengeother soccer managers in competition and friendly matches betweenyour soccer teams Download FMU now and get FREE TOKENS and FREEIN-GAME MONEY to kick-start your career as a soccer manager tryingto become a legend soccer manager.
Trophy Manager 1.0
This is an add-on service for mobile for the browser game TrophyManager. If you want to create a team and play go on your computer.
Pro 11 - Soccer Manager Game 1.0.45
Do you have what it takes to make your dreams come true and becomea top ranked football manager in one of the best free to playmultiplayer football manager simulators of 2019? In Pro 11 you cancoach your favorite club (like Madrid, Juve or Barcelona) anddominate the best national leagues and the legendary ChampionsLeague! It’s up to you to create the line-up, manage exchanges,conduct training sessions, negotiate sponsorship deals and muchmore. Beat your rivals in Pro 11’s massive multiplayer structureCompete against friends and other real-life opponents and kick-offlive matches when YOU want to. Join forces with fans of yourfavorite team to create a stronger community and earn more rewards.Immerse yourself in captivating visuals With 3D motion capturedfootball player movement, you get a high-quality graphics,highlight and gameplay experience throughout your entire managercareer. Administrate all aspects of your Pro 11 club to ensure awinning strategy Take your fantasy team to glory by controlling allfeatures of your football club, including: ★ Collecting the besteleven players from the top football leagues, such as the PremierLeague, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or MLS ★ Exploring your youthall-stars for the next Ronaldo or Messi ★ Improving player skillsby training in minigames ★ Trading, buying and selling players byscouting the transfer market ★ Negotiating the best possiblesponsorship contracts to establish a stable economy ★ Takingadvantage of advanced formation options to create the mosteffective tactics ★ Investing in better upgrades for your stadiumto boost fan experiences Join managers worldwide in Pro 11 now tobecome a true leader of your professional football squad. Everygoal counts!
Women's Soccer Manager - Football Manager Game 1.0.21
Support female sports with one of the best Soccer Manager gamesonline WSM – The new Women’s Soccer Manager platform will make yoursoccer dreams come true. Become a manager of your favouritefavoritesoccer club and use your knowledge and tactical skills to build apro soccer career as a manager in Women’s Soccer Manager. Chooseyour club from real soccer leagues and build your personal dreamteam Choose your favorite club from one of the numerous women'ssoccer leagues around the world. Manage famous clubs likeBarcelona, Arsenal or Lyon with authentic soccer players andrecruit the most exciting stars to strengthen your team. Compete inthe national pro soccer leagues, cup and Champions League and otherfamous leagues such as NWSL, USWNT, FA WSL, UEFA Women’s Championsleague and take your top eleven women's soccer players team toglory in this one of a kind – Women’s Soccer Manager. You managethe team As a soccer club manager, you will device your own soccertactics, train your players, scout for young soccer talents andnegotiate sponsorship contracts. Put your soccer skills to the testand fight your way to the top of your league. Become the teammanager you always dreamt to be. Have it your way Build yourpersonal women's soccer dream team and make it yours – devise yourown soccer formations, sharpen your soccer coaching skills, makestrategic decisions, be as cunning as a fox on the transfer marketand define the future of the club. Quick and Dynamic Gameplay Youchoose when to play your daily soccer matches, anytime, anywhere!You’re in control! Women’s Soccer Manager’s mini games, dynamicactions, and immediate play ensure a fast, active and uniquemanager experience for every soccer fan! You’ll Never walk alonewith these amazing soccer game features: • Authentic worldwideleagues and clubs• Play with friends in a unique multiplayer gameexperience • Trophies and achievements for a true soccer legend•Match boosters to motivate your team on the pitch• Amazinginterface and outstanding graphics• Negotiations and deals withsponsors Become a Legend of Women’s Soccer Manager now!
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