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GEICO Mobile 4.22.0
GEICO Insurance
GEICO Mobile: More than just car insurance. Includes many toolsthat allow you to manage your insurance needs with ease even beforeyou are a GEICO customer. Policyholders: *For quick access to yourbilling information, check out our Today Widget! *Access to allyour GEICO policies at your fingertips. *View your ID cards thecool way… Digitally! *Pay & manage your bills; it may not besuper fun, but we make it super easy. *Bought a new car? Got rid ofyour clunker? We can help! Get a quote to add, replace or remove avehicle on your policy. *We know stuff happens, so we make it easyfor you to submit a claim or get your glass damage repaired. *Stayinformed about your repair while saving time. View and manage yourclaim directly from your phone. *Just like your BFF, we're herewhen you need us with Chat. Get a response from a GEICOrepresentative quickly, directly in the app. *Flat tire? Lockedout? Need roadside help? Have no fear, GEICO Mobile is here! *Chatwith Kate for answers to your questions! *Show your vehicle somelove with a full suite of car service and repair features, recallalerts and maintenance reminders. Features for Everyone: *Begin anew quote or even pull up and review a previous one. Ready to setit up? You can even start a policy from the app easily. *Whenyou’re in a bind, keep GEICO Mobile in mind! Should you get into anaccident, we will guide you to collect the necessary informationimmediately. NOTE: To log into your account from GEICO Mobile, yourGEICO policy must: *Be an active auto or motorcycle policy *Not besubject to other policy restrictions
GEICO Garage
GEICO Insurance
See your relationship with your car in a new light and give it someTLC!Welcome to the GEICO Garage beta application.We welcome yourfeedback as we continue to improve this app. Send an email [email protected] to let us know what you think and what you'dlike to see in the app.Health ScoreSee how your car measures up toits ideal performance.*Score big points as you increase yourvehicle’s health score. We’ll show you the way to a healthy engine,spotless interior, and shiny paint job.*Tick tock! The clock isticking towards the calendar reminders you created for oil changes,car washes, tire rotations, and engine tune ups.*Beat bitter coldand extreme heat with fine-tuned maintenance schedules.*Getfriendly reminders to keep your vehicle running in tip-topshape.Fun ChallengesEnroll in fun challenges to see ways to getpeak performance from your vehicle.*The Zombie Prepper challengewill keep you and your vehicle ready for disasters andemergencies.*Enroll in the Green Machine challenge to find ways toreduce your vehicle’s environmental impact and save the rainforest. *Complete maintenance and usage challenges to keep your cartuned up and running smoothly. It's like drinking from the fountainof youth!*Call on your creative side to build a retro vehicleavatar. There’s nothing old-school about taking great care of yourcar.Usage InsightsPersonalized insights on past usage are morethoughtful than your BFF.*Talking to your car is a one wayconversation. Give your car a way to answer back with usage tipsand recommendations.*Personal trainers aren’t just for people.Record miles as you drive to optimize and track your vehicle'sperformance over time.*Look back at stats from your past commutesand trips. *Flash flood, tornadoes, and heat waves, OH MY! Weatheralerts will keep you prepared for different road conditions.LicenseAgreement: