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Aadhaar Card 1.9.3
Aadhaar is a 12 digit individualidentification number issued by the Unique Identification Authorityof india on behalf of the Government of india.Aadhaar serves as a proof of identity and address, anywhere inindia.Aadhaar letter received via india Post and e-Aadhaar downloadedfrom UIDAI website are equally valid.Know complete information about your Aadhaar Card.You can also book an appointment for your Aadhaar Card.Features:1. Check your Aadhaar card linking Status.2. Search nearest enrollment centre from your place.3. Know the Process for Applying Aadhaar Card for Children orKid4. Download your e-Aadhaar Card.5. Get your e-Aadhaar Card on your mobile.6. Check Status of Aadhaar Card.7. Book an appointment for Aadhaar Card.8. Update your personal information.9. File New Complaint through Aadhaar Card App.10. Check Complaint Status via Aadhaar Card.11. Reduced Application Size.12. You can now remove full screen Ads. No More IrritatingAds.13. Share link with your friends and Colleagues.14. Check other Apps from SoftElixir InfoTech (P) Ltd.Now a days in School Admission Aadhaar card is required for addressproof. Please make or update your aadhaar card ASAP.- aadhar card will become number one app for Identification.
Jaipur Tourism 1.1
”Jaipur Tourism” is a complete informative and tour guide app forthe Jaipur Place and its lifestyle. It is an offline as well asonline app.There are different sections of this app as listedbelow:1. Jaipur at a Glance : By this section you will know aboutPink City Jaipur.This section tells you geographical anddemographical information about Jaipur. 2. Monuments : Allhistorical, spiritual and other visiting monuments like cinemahalls, malls etc are described with their location, history andcomplete map guide in this app.3. Around Me : Get all places aroundyour current location alphabetical order and distance from yourlocation.4. Hotels : The app provides detailed info about hotels.You will know about hotel name, address and contact number fromthis app.5. Movies : Get Cinemas information by this section.6.Restaurants : Get Restaurant information by this section.7.Facilities : Get ATM information, Hospital information, post Officeinformation and Fuel pump information by this section.8. Emergency: This section provides you emergency contact number for mostvisited places like accident relief, airlines, currency exchange,hospitals, railways.9. City Map : By this section, view thecomplete map of the city with all details.10. Weather : ThisWeather Section provides you with day to day weather updates tomake sure you are prepared for the weather outside.
Delhi Metro Rail 2.1.1
Delhi Metro app provides complete information about Delhi metroroutes, stations, fares, distances from locations etc. If you aretravelling through metro then this app will guide you in very goodway. Delhi metro app is very simple and easy to use. It is free ofcost app.The App contain delhi metro map to navigate b/w differentstations.The Appcontains delhi metro timings b/w stations.All delhimetro route are available in this app.Delhi Metro App providesfollowing services to customers :➤ Search Route : User can searchdelhi metro route by selecting source and destination stations.Result will display full route, fares, distance, approximate traveltime, stations in between with change over station.➤ Station List :User can see a list of all Stations. Selecting a station will giveyou complete information about the station like Platformsinformation, Gates and directions, contact information and ATMdetails.➤ Nearest Station : User can check nearest metro stationfrom his current location. Even user can check metro stationsdistance wise list by selecting distance.➤ Metro Timings : User cancheck timing of first and last metro on metro stations.➤ DelhiMetro Routes : User can check complete information about metroroutes. User can see details of all metro lines, interchange infoand full zoomable map of metro maps.➤ Recharge Metro Card : Usercan recharge your metro card.➤ ATM details : Here user can checkavailable ATM's near each metro station or vice versa.➤ TouristPlaces : Here user can check tourist places near each metrostation. If you want to visit delhi tourist places by metro thenthis will help you in searching the tourist places near metrostation. User can search the nearest metro station from eachtourist places.➤ Railway Stations & ISBT : User can search thenearest metro station from each Railway station and ISBT's.➤Airport Metro Express Line : User can get complete informationabout Airport Metro Express Line. Airport Express line fares, citycheck-in facility, airport line information, airport line leafletinformation will get from this section.➤ Feeder Buses : User canget complete information about Feeder Buses. Feeder bus features,fare structure, services, live status on mobile, bus depot, airportconnection information will get from this section.➤ Other MetroInfo : In this section user will get information about passengerinformation, helpline, complaints / feedback, Quick links, contactinformation and Terms of use.➤ More Info : Share Delhi metro appfrom this section. you can give feedback's to improve Delhi metroapp. you can remove full screen ads from this section.
Baby School - Educational app 1.4.5
Baby School is a Educational game for Kids. It is a great tool forbuilding language skills that today's elementary school curriculumrequires.This game teach important skills for preschool andelementary school kids.It containsABC for kids for your toddler.TheApp Contains Complete Alphabets. This app will help your toddlerlearn the alphabet quick and with no effort!.Baby center appcontains learning material for child development.It is just earlylearning centre for child support in building knowledge base.Thisapp helps child development in preschool with the help of babycentre app. App contains sound animated learning of letters andnumbers and also learn to recognize animals with theirpronounciation.The App is is like class for baby to learn newthings.This app also include general fruits ,vegetable and animalname.This game contains the following functionality:➤ Alphabets (A- Z) Learning➤ Counting (1 - 10) Learning➤ Fruits Name Learning➤Vegetables Name Learning➤ Animals Name LearningIt is a completeplay school or Preschool learning program.Keywords : kidseducational,, kids education, kidseducational,ABC,number,fruits,animals,games,vegetable,1 to10,learn,kid learning,kids ,school,kids school
Calculator SE 1.0
Simple and Perfect calculator for Android. Easy to use andbeautifully designed to do Calculations. This is a simple normaland scientific calculator.
SE Dict 1.0
Search hindi wordmeaning.
Social Media All In One 1.3.8
★ Latest Material Design User Interface★ One App for All Yoursocial media needs. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Users love thisapp.★ No Need For Other Apps .★ Make App Secure with App LockFunctionalitySocial Media All In One is an app that provides allsocial media needs in one app. All the major social media networksare available in this app. You can add your own social media linksin this app if not present. You can customize dashboard with yourfavourite social media links.Softelixir Develop this app by keep inmind all the problems normally users face while using other socialmedia apps.This App Contain all Famous Social Media likeGoogle,Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,G-mail,Outlook etc.Features ofSocial Media All In One App1. Customize Dashboard : Here user canchoose their favourite social media links to show on dashboard. So,you don't have to manage all social media links every time thatyou don’t require. View dashboard with your choosen social medialinks like twitter and facebook.2. Add Your Links : What if yourapp don’t have your favourite social media link in your app? Nowdon’t worry you can add your favourite social media link(Twitteretc. ) in this app and enjoy.3. App Lock Functionality : If youwant no other person will use your social media then you can addpassword . This is password protected app. 4. Saves Time : You nolonger have to re-enter your social network credentials with thisapplication.You have to enters credentials of any social medianetwork like twitter,facebook and others only ones.5. Save InternalMemory Space : No need for other apps anymore! So save space inyour phone .6.Saves Ram : Each Single app takes more space and theyeat up all your RAM and Storage Space. So, use this app to boostyour RAM and save storage space.Access all your social network appssecurely and conveniently with "Social Media All In One App". Withits password-protected functionality, you don’t have to worry aboutothers accessing your social networking accounts. Using this app,you can fearlessly access your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and allthe other social media accounts. This Social Media app lets youaccess your all social networks with secure functionality. Thesefeatures set "Social Media All In One App" class apart from othersimilar apps .App contains all most popular social media.You havethe option to choose list of social media.It is one of thebestavailable social media networks with lots of functionality.Thisunique application offers you all social media apps in oneinterface.This social media apps contain all type of famous socialmedia. .You can upload pictures on facebook.This app contain googlesearch. From that, it behaves like web browser ,you can browsegmail,google drive,google calendar,google news,google maps,googledrive,google translate,google play,facebook,youtube,yahoo,twitter,instagram,tumblr,netflix ,google earth,gamessites,snapchat,bing,skype ,hootsuite ,job sites and any site etc.Itis all in one social network tool.This app contain main socialmedia platforms.This app contain main social media platforms. Itconnect all social media accounts from one place.Social Media AllIn One App provides the collection of twitter ,facebook and morethan 250 social connections. Like:-- Google- Facebook- YouTube-Baidu- Yahoo!- Amazon- Tencent QQ- Twitter- Taobao- Sina Corp-LinkedIn- Sina Weibo- Yandex- VK- Instagram- Reddit- Ask-Pinterest- Tumblr- Imgur- Tianya Club- Odnoklassniki- Diply- Naver-GitHub- Blogger- Dailymotion- People's Daily- Dropbox- China Daily-Quora- Gmail- SoundCloud- Vimeo- DeviantArt- Skype- StumbleUpon-Badoo- Photo bucket- Meetup- Behance- Vine- Tagged- Digg- XING-Crunchyroll- Foursquare- Renren- We Heart It- Ravelry- Myspace-Hi5- Delicious
Kiss -The Taste of Love 1.0
Want to discover some new ways to kiss yoursomeone close? Get some fun ideas from this guide to the differenttypes of kisses. You're guaranteed to learn a new kissing style!It’s known as a favourite universal act of showing love andaffection. Everyone at some point and from someone close has beenkissed, gently and soft, passionately or raw and maybe throughaffection too. Kisses needn’t be only on the face, the hands or theneck, you can get adventurous and depending on the closeness andrelationship with the recipient, one can plant a kiss anytime andon any part of their body. And, you cannot deny that a kiss is thatglorious gateway, which leads you into the wonderful world oflovemaking.Here are 49 types of kisses, which can help you add oodles ofpassion in your lovemaking session.Features of Kiss-The Taste of Love App-: All Kisses: Check all types of Kisses-: Playlists: Create your own list of Kisses from ExistingKisses types-: View History: History of all kisses you have seen in a-: Likes: List of all Kisses that you like.-: ToDo: List of all kisses that you put in TODO list.-: Tried: List of all kisses that you put in Tried list.-: Share feature for direct sharing on social networkingsites.-: Completely Free to download app.-: Works offline.-: Beautiful user interface.-: Feedback form for your valuable suggestions.-: More Info : Share app from this section. you can givefeedbacks to improve app. you can remove full screen ads from thissection.-: More Apps : You can check our more apps from thissection.
Music Player 1.1.0
Powerful and Stylish Music Player with elegantdesign.Music Player lets you manage all your music files quickly andeasily.This music player supports almost all types of mp3, midi, wav,flac raw aac files and other audio formats.Easily browse and play music songs by genres, artists,songs.Features:- Plays mp3, m4a (incl. alac), ogg, wma*, flac, wav, ape, WV, tta,mpc.- Plays all audio files- Play, Next or Previous playback in Music Player- Support for Favourite list- Support for Recent Song list- Library Scan in Music Player- Repeat Songs- Shuffle Songs in Music Player- Headset support- Press to pause/resume in Music Player- Swipe to play Next/Previous track- You can remove full screen Ads. No More Irritating Ads in musicplayer.- Share link with your friends and Colleagues.- Check other Apps from SoftElixir InfoTech (P) Ltd.
Indian Post 1.2.3
Indian Posts is a citizen centric mobile app that provides SpeedPost Status, Tracking Consignments, Post Office Search, Speed PostCalculator, Saving Schemes, Recruitment, Agents Login and muchmore.The Department of Posts, trading as India Post, is agovernment-operated postal system in India; it is generallyreferred to within India as "the post office”.Features of IndianPost Mobile app1. Speed Post Status2. Tracking Consignments : TrackSpeed Post, All Mail Items & eMO3. Post Office Search : Searchby Pincode / Taluka / District, Locality Based Pincode Search4.Speed Post Calculator : Domestic, International5. Track YourComplaint6. Interest Rates Calculator7. Post Office SavingSchemes8. Search and Buy Stamps Online9. Holiday List10. DownloadForms11. Recruitment12. Tenders13. Services : — — Speed Post— —Express Parcel— — IMOS— — Media Post— — Greeting Post— — LogisticsPost— — e Post Office— — e Post— — Business Post— — [email protected] 14.Employee Corner15. Agents Login
Pan Card 1.2.7
Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number,issued in the form of a laminated card, by the Income TaxDepartment, to any “person” who applies for it or to whom thedepartment allots the number without an application.Please don’twaste time in searching details about Pan Card on google. Get allthe details about Pan Card in one place. Want to search Pan CardStatus or apply online or Duplicate Pan Card or any otherinformation you will get through this app. Download Pan Card appand save time and enjoy benefits of this app.Features:1. Check Pancard Status2. Check Pan card Transaction3. Apply pan for Citizensof India4. Apply pan for foreign citizens5. Reprint / Duplicate /Lost of PAN Card6. Changes / Correction in PAN Details7. Search /Verify Pan by Pan No8. Search / Verify Pan by Name9. Income taxrefund status by pan and assessment year10. Income tax refundstatus by acknowledgement number
Voter ID Card 1.2.4
The Indian voter ID card is issued by the Election Commission ofIndia. Its main purpose is as identity proof while casting votes.It also serves as general identity proof, address proof, and ageproof for casting votes as well as for other purposes such asbuying a mobile phone SIM or applying for a passport. It serves asa ID in Elections.Please don’t waste time in searching detailsabout Voter Id Card on google. Get all the details about Voter IdCard in one place. Want to search Voter Card Status or apply onlineor Duplicate Voter Card or Voter List or any other information youwill get through this app. Download Voter Id Card app and save timeand enjoy benefits of this app.Features:1. Check voter cardstatus2. Search voter name in Electoral Roll3. Apply online forRegistration of New Voter4. Apply online for Registration ofOverseas Voter5. Correction of Entries in Electoral Roll6. Knowyour Booth, AC and PC7. Know your BLO, ERO and DEO8. Link toSTATE/UT CEO’s9. Voter Education Channel10. Polling Process11.Electronic Voting Machines12. Complaint / Sugestions13. Indianvoter list 201614. Help—Instructions—Duplicate Voter Card—ChangeAddress—Link Aadhaar Card
Passport Seva 1.0.1
Passport Seva mobile app has been designed to deliver Passport andrelated services to citizens in a timely, transparent, moreaccessible, reliable manner.A Passport is an essential traveldocument for those who are travelling abroad for education,pilgrimage, tourism, business purposes, medical ...Please don’twaste time in searching details about Passport on google. Get allthe details about Passport in one place. Want to search trackpassport status,user login, online form submission, download forms,appointment or any other information you will get through this app.Download Passport Seva app and save time and enjoy benefits of thisapp.Features of Passport Seva Mobile app1. Track ApplicationStatus2. User Login3. Online Form Submission4. User Registration5.Application Forms and Affidavits-- Download e-Form--Annexures/Affidavits-- Download and Print Application Form--Undertaking as per GSR 570(E)6. Quick Guides-- Apply for passport--Fill Passport form online-- Appointment Booking Process-- Submit anApplication at PSK-- Check Application Status7. AppointmentAvailability8. Document Advisor9. Locate Passport Seva Kendra andLaghu Kendra10. Locate Common Service Centers11. PassportOffices12. Know your Police Station13. NRI Passport14. RegisterGrievance/Feedback15. Track Service Request/Feedback16. Track RTIStatus17. Fee Calculator18. FAQ
Sad Quotes About Life 1.0.1
Sadness is a feeling which almost every person faces in his life.Sad quotes helps you to express your feelings when you don’t havewords to express that you are in an emotional mood. Sad Quotes is acollection of famous Sad quotes. This application collects famousSad quotes from Famous authors, poets, philosophers and more. Thisapp lets you browse famous Sad quotes, mark them as favourite, andshare with your friends or near and dear ones.Don't hide youremotions - feel free to express your true feelings with thesebeautiful and powerful Sad quote wallpapers!Features of Sad QuotesApp1. Browse famous Sad Quotes.2. Finger swipe option to changepages to see previous and next Sad quote.3. Mark Quote as Favouriteand view only favorite quotes by selecting the Like option from theDashboard menu.4. Lovely music played in the background. Music canbe paused from the dashboard menu. 5. Share and Publish Sad quotesimages on Facebook, twitter, email, whatsApp, BeeTalk, WeChat,Instagram, gmail, messenger, chat & more.Please get back to ourdeveloper Email id if you face any issues, or want additionalfeatures.
Boom Box 1.1
BOOM Box is physics based game where you had to save yourenvironment by dropping the bomb in the water and prevent theexplosion| Features |*Beautiful graphics*One touchsolution*Realistic physics*Realistic sound quality*Boost your brain*Achievements*Addictive
Women Quotes - Feminist 1.0.1
Women Quotes - Feminist is a collection of famous Women quotes.This application collects best women quotes collection withinspirational, wise and funny quotes on women, woman and femalesfrom famous authors, comedians and more. This app lets you browsefamous quotation, mark them as favourite, and share with yourfriends or near and dear ones.Do you want to know women, girl orfemales nature, dreams, fears and desires? Don't wait and find out.All the wisdom gathered in one place.We wish to give all the womenin the world the most inspiring and motivating quotes to help themthe throughout all their challenges!Features of Women quotes mobileApp1. Browse famous Women quotes.2. Finger swipe option to changepages to see previous and next quotes for life.3. Mark Quote asFavourite and view only favorite quotes by selecting the Likeoption from the Dashboard menu.4. Lovely music played in thebackground. Music can be paused from the dashboard menu. 5. Shareand Publish Women quotes images on Facebook, twitter, email,whatsApp, BeeTalk, WeChat, Instagram, gmail, messenger, chat &more.Please get back to our developer Email id if you face anyissues, or want additional features.
Motivational Quotes 1.2.0
Everyone needs some inspiration or motivation to give a boost up inyour life and these motivational quotes will give you the edge youneed to create your success. So download this app and getmotivational Quotes for Inspiration.Motivational Quotes is acollection of famous Motivational quotes. This application collectsfamous Motivational quotes from Famous authors, poets, philosophersand more. This app lets you browse famous Motivational quotes, markthem as favourite, and share with your friends or near and dearones.Features of Motivational Quotes Library App1. Browse famousMotivational Quotes.2. Finger swipe option to change pages to seeprevious and next love quote.3. Mark Quote as Favourite and viewonly favorite quotes by selecting the Like option from theDashboard menu.4. Lovely music played in the background. Music canbe paused from the dashboard menu. 5. Share and PublishMotivational quotes images on Facebook, twitter, email, whatsApp,BeeTalk, WeChat, Instagram, gmail, messenger, chat &more.Please get back to our developer Email id if you face anyissues, or want additional features
My Munirka 1.4
➤ Search your place in Munirka. ➤ Find anything in Munirka.➤ Pinplaces and start conversations➤ Free and easy pinning of preciseplaces on an open Google satellite map➤ Attach photos, email &web addresses (optional).➤ Filter to view your own or all userspins.➤ Add category wise Pins➤ Filter for own pins or view allusers pinned notes➤ Share on Facebook, twitter and other socialnetworking sites.
Valentine Quotes 1.2.0
Seeing other people celebrating their love can make one a tadenvious. However, don't be let down. Lift your sagging spirits byreading these valentine's quotes... Don't hide your emotions - feelfree to express your true feelings with these beautiful quoteswallpapers! Valentine week love quotes is a collection of famousValentine quotes. This application collects famous quotation fromFamous authors, poets, philosophers and more. This app lets youbrowse famous quotation, mark them as favourite, and share withyour friends or near and dear ones.Features of Valentine week lovequotes mobile App1. Browse famous Valentine week love quotes.2.Finger swipe option to change pages to see previous and next quotesfor life.3. Mark Quote as Favourite and view only favorite quotesby selecting the Like option from the Dashboard menu.4. Lovelymusic played in the background. Music can be paused from thedashboard menu. 5. Share and Publish Valentine week love quotesimages on Facebook, twitter, email, whatsApp, BeeTalk, WeChat,Instagram, gmail, messenger, chat & more.Please get back to ourdeveloper Email id if you face any issues, or want additionalfeatures.
10th,12th,All Exam Result 2016 1.1.2
The candidates who are going to appear for various Board,University, Entrance Exams & online counselling which are goingto be held in 2016, can download this app and check yourresult.This app is useful to get results in all the states inIndia.YOU CAN CHECK YOUR ACADEMIC RESULTS HERE:-- CBSE BoardResults 2016- ICSE Board Results 2016- ISC Board Results 2016- APBoard Results 2016- Bihar Board Result 2016- CGBSE Board Results2016- Goa Board Results 2016- Gujarat Board Results 2016- HaryanaBoard Results 2016- HPBOSE Board Results 2016- JKBOSE Board Results2016- Jharkhand Board Results 2016- Karnataka Board Results 2016-Kerala Board Results 2016- MP Board Results 2016- Maharashtra BoardResults 2016- Orissa Board Results 2016- Punjab Board Results 2016-Rajasthan Board Results 2016- Tamilnadu Board Results 2016- UPBoard Results 2016- West Bengal Board Results 2016- Telangana BoardResults 2016YOU CAN CHECK YOUR ENTRANCE EXAM RESULTS HERE:-- CBSEExam Results 2016- ICSE Exam Results 2016- AP SSC Results 2016- GoaBoard SSC Result 2016- GSEB SSC Result 2016- JAC SSC Results 2016-JKBOSE SSC Result 2016- AIPMT 2016- CAT 2016 IIMs- CET Karnataka2016- EAMCET 2016- ECET 2016- KMAT 2016- IIT JEE 2016- SNAP 2016-VITEEE 2016- XAT 2016YOU CAN CHECK ONLINE COUNSELLING HERE:--Central Counselling Board- Andhra Pradesh Polytechnic Counselling-Rajasthan Pre B.ED PTET Online Counselling- NCHM Counselling-Chandigarh Engineering And Architecture Counselling- HaryanaCounselling- Gujarat Directorate of Technical Education- PunjabState Board of Technical Education- Punjab Technical University-NSIT Counselling- Odisha Diploma Counselling- Odisha EnggCounselling- UP Counselling Polytechnic- Delhi Counselling CTET-Uttrakhand Counselling- Andhra Pradesh Engineering and PharmacyCouselling- Andhra Pradesh MBA MCA Counselling- Andhra PradeshEAMCET Counselling- North Gujarat University Counselling- DelhiTechnological University Counselling- UP State Counselling- AllIndia Quota Postgraduate Medical/ Dental Counselling- PreCounselling WestBengal Joint Entrance Examination- Pre CounsellingCBSE National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test- AndhraPradesh PGEC andPGECET CousellingYOU CAN ALSO CHECK HERE:-10th Result 2016, CBSEtenth Result 2016, Rajasthan Board tenth Result 2016, Up Boardtenth Result 2016, Mp Board tenth Result 2016, BSEB tenth Result2016, Orissa tenth result 2016, JKBOSE tenth Result 2016, HPBOSEtenth Result 2016, HBSE tenth Result 2016, ICSE tenth Result 2016,CGBSE tenth Result 2016, PSEB tenth Result 2016, 12th Result 2016,CBSE twelfth result 2016, Mp Board twelfth Result 2016, Up Boardtwelfth Result 2016, Rajasthan Board twelfth Result 2016, BiharBoard twelfth Result 2016, WB Higher Secondary Result 2016, Orissatwelfth Result 2016, JKBOSE twelfth Result 2016, HPBOSE twelfthResult 2016, HBSE twelfth Result 2016, ISC Board twelfth Result2016, CGBSE twelfth Result 2016, PSEB twelfth Result 2016SSCResults 2016, AP SSC Results 2016, Goa Board SSC Result 2016, GSEBSSC Result 2016, JAC SSC Results 2016, JKBOSE SSC Result 2016SSLCResults 2016, Kerala SSLC Result 2016, Karnataka SSLC Result 2016,TN SSLC Result 2016HSC / Intermediate Result 2016, Kerala HSEResult 2016, Karnataka PUC Result 2016, TN HSC Result2016Maharashtra HSC Result 2016, AP Intermediate Results 2016, WBHigher Secondary Result 2016, Orissa CHSE Result 2016, Goa BoardHSSC Results 2016, GSEB HSSC Result 2016, JAC bury Result 2016
Love Quotes Library 1.0
If you can't figure out how to express your feelings? Here are bestlove quotes collection by famous authors, poets, philosophers andmore that can help you in expressing your feelings.Love QuotesLibrary is a collection of famous love quotes. This applicationcollects famous love quotes from Famous authors, poets,philosophers and more. This app lets you browse famous love quotes,mark them as favourite, and share with your friends or near anddear ones.Features of Love Quotes Library App1. Browse famous LoveQuotes.2. Finger swipe option to change pages to see previous andnext love quote.3. Mark Quote as Favourite and view only favoritequotes by selecting the Like option from the Dashboard menu.4.Lovely romantic music played in the background. Music can be pausedfrom the dashboard menu. 5. Share and Publish Love quotes images onFacebook, twitter, email, whatsApp, BeeTalk, WeChat, Instagram,gmail, messenger, chat & more.Please get back to our developerEmail id if you face any issues, or want additional features
Quotes on Life 1.0.1
Don't hide your emotions - feel free to express your true feelingswith these beautiful quotes wallpapers! Quotes for life is acollection of famous, motivational, inspirational, success, love,life, sad, broken heart quotes. This application collects famousquotation from Famous authors, poets, philosophers and more. Thisapp lets you browse famous quotation, mark them as favourite, andshare with your friends or near and dear ones.Features of Quotesfor Life App1. Browse famous Quotes for Life.2. Finger swipe optionto change pages to see previous and next quotes for life.3. MarkQuote as Favourite and view only favorite quotes by selecting theLike option from the Dashboard menu.4. Lovely music played in thebackground. Music can be paused from the dashboard menu. 5. Shareand Publish quotes for Life images on Facebook, twitter, email,whatsApp, BeeTalk, WeChat, Instagram, gmail, messenger, chat &more.Please get back to our developer Email id if you face anyissues, or want additional features.
Mother Teresa 1.0.1
Learn the story of a selfless missionary who brought hope, love,and salvation in this high quality mobile app of Mother TeresaQuotes.Everyone needs some inspiration or motivation to give aboost up in your life and these motivational quotes of MotherTeresa will give you the edge you need to create yoursuccess.Mother Teresa Quotes is a collection of Mother Teresaquotes. This app lets you browse famous Mother Teresa quotes, markthem as favourite, and share with your friends or near and dearones.Features of Mother Teresa Quotes App1. Browse famous MotherTeresa Quotes.2. Finger swipe option to change pages to seeprevious and next love quote.3. Mark Quote as Favourite and viewonly favorite quotes by selecting the Like option from theDashboard menu.4. Lovely music played in the background. Music canbe paused from the dashboard menu. 5. Share and Publish MotherTeresa quotes images on Facebook, twitter, email, whatsApp,BeeTalk, WeChat, Instagram, gmail, messenger, chat &more.Please get back to our developer Email id if you face anyissues, or want additional features.
Voice Recorder 1.2.0
:- Voice Recorder is free, simple and easytouse audio recorder and voice recorder. Voice Recorderisfull-featured, beautifully designed app for audio recordingandvoice recording.:- Voice recorder provides high quality recordings withoutlimitsof time (only limited by memory size).:- The best application for recording, it store yourrecordingsas voice memos and share them with your friends.:- Use it to reliably record your personal voice notes andmemos,business meetings, interviews, lectures, speeches,concerts,classes, songs, sleep talking or anything else.:- This audio recorder works well on smartphones andtablets,with and without external storage.More features and details- 3 Different audio formats: high quality PCM (AAC), goodqualityMPEG_4 (mp3) and AMR (3gp) to save space- Adjustable sample rate from phone quality (8 kHz) up to CDquality(44 kHz)- Changeable bitrate from 48 up to 128 kbps- Recording in background even when screen is off- Customizable recordings folder- Selectable audio source- Built-in user-friendly media player- Send and share via e-mail and other apps- Rename and delete your recordings- Set recording as ringtone- Automatic stop when out of memory- Stop recording or playing when active call- Easy to use recordings list- A timer to monitor your recording time.- Set Voice Alarm Function.
Indian Train 1.0.4
Indian Train mobile app provides complete information about IndianRailway Trains. This app provides PNR status, Seats Availability,Fare, Vacant Berth Status, on Running Train, Railway Map, TrainsBetween Stations, Availability at Major Stations, More Services,Other Railway Information and many more. Indian Train app is verysimple and easy to use. India has some of the most spectacular andunforgettable rail journeys in the world. Here you experience asimple way to find out everything you need to know in one easyplace. There's no better way to enjoy India's outback, cities,coastal towns and regional areas in comfort. Delhi Metro Appprovides following services to customers :1. PNR status2. SeatsAvailability3. Fare4. Vacant Berth Status on Running Train5.Railway Map6. Trains Between Stations7. Availability at MajorStations8. More Services9. Other Railway Information10. MoreApps11. More Info : Share Delhi metro app from this section. youcan give feedback's to improve Delhi metro app. you can remove fullscreen ads from this section.Features that will include in Nextphase: Reservation, Enquiry, Passenger Status, Time Table,timetable, Rules, Indian Railways, tourist, travel.
Brain Games 1.2.1
Exercise and train your brain with these great gamesThe brain gameis a great collection of games based in part on principles ofcognitive psychology to help you practice different mentalskills.Your brain needs exercise and training to stay fit.With thehelp of this Brain Games and brain teasers application you canimprove your short-term memory, visual memory, concentration,speed, calculation and reasoning. It is fun brain training forfree.This funbrain games mind games for adults also.It is brainchallenge and brain teasers for kids.These free brain teasers arefun and help train their memory, concentration, problem-solving,and other brain skills.Great app for kids, girls, boys, women, men,all ages and genders. If you love puzzles then you'll love thisgame! KEY FEATURES★ 9 games to train 5 key brain areas: Memory,Logic, Concentration, Reaction and Speed★ Stunning graphicscombined with easy usability★ Statistics to show your strengths andpotential for improvement★ Boost skills essential for real lifesuch as maths, problem solving and logic Brain Games have 9Challenging Game :1. Operations game : This game consist ofmathematics calculation to improve your skill.This brain games allcontains level that increases as the user moves forward.2. FlickMaster game : It is direction bases games in which you have toslide the finger in the same way if blue color and opposite way inred color.3. Simplicity game : It is based on arithmeticcalculation.4. High or Low game : In this game you have to slidefinger up if number is greater than previous ,Otherwise slidedown.5. Unfollow the Leader game : In this brain game you have totouch the blocks in descending order.6. Matching game : In thisgame you have to find similar occurrence of letter.7. Tap It game :In this brain games you have to press the block in descending inred and ascending in blue color.8. Color Deception game : You haveto find and choose the wrong colored box from multiple boxes.9.Follow the Leader game : In this brain game you have to touch theblocks in ascending order as they comes.A challenging games foryour brain.Once try these games We are sure you will like and enjoythese brain games.For any suggestion please email us @[email protected]
University Updates 1.0.1
University Updates mobile app designed in such a way that user canaccess universities information, in one, easy to access,application, called University Updates. Now students don’t need tosearch about universities in many places. This app will provide alluniversity information at one place.This app provides informationsuch as 1. university admission (regular as well as Distanceeducation)2. online admission3. university updates4. universityprogrammes / Courses / syllabus / Syllabi 5. distance notifications7. university news and announcements8.assignments information9. Additional Controller of Examinations(ACOE)10. Cut-Off11. Distance and Open Learning information12. ExamTime Table13. Exam Hall Ticket14. Old Question Papers15.Examination Notifications16. List of Colleges17. Online Payments18.Online Programmes19. Online Self Learning Material20. Placement21.Regional Centres22. Study Centres23. Results24. Eligibility foradmission / entrance25. Online Application Form26. and much more…Weare launching university updates app with below universities:1.Indira Gandhi National Open University2. University of Mumbai3.Savitribai Phule Pune University4. Dr. B R Ambedkar OpenUniversity5. University of Delhi6. Sikkim Manipal University7.Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University8. Jamia Millia Islamia - ACentral University9. Anna University10. Annamalai UniversitySoonyou will check information of below universitiesAll India Instituteof Medical SciencesAmity UniversityAmrita Vishwa VidyapeethamAnnaUniversityBanaras Hindu UniversityBengal Engineering and ScienceUniversityBirla Institute of Technology and ScienceCochinUniversity of Science and TechnologyDelhi TechnologicalUniversityGujarat Technological UniversityIndian Institute ofScienceIndian Institute of Technology BhubaneswarIndian Instituteof Technology BombayIndian Institute of Technology DelhiIndianInstitute of Technology GandhinagarIndian Institute of TechnologyGuwahatiIndian Institute of Technology HyderabadIndian Institute ofTechnology IndoreIndian Institute of Technology KanpurIndianInstitute of Technology KharagpurIndian Institute of TechnologyMadrasIndian Institute of Technology RoorkeeIndian School ofMinesIndian Statistical InstituteInternational Institute ofInformation Technology, HyderabadJadavpur UniversityJawaharlalNehru UniversityKurukshetra UniversityLovely ProfessionalUniversityMalaviya National Institute of Technology, JaipurManipalUniversityMotilal Nehru National Institute of TechnologyNarseeMonjee Institute of Management and Higher StudiesNational Instituteof DesignNational Institute of Technology CalicutNational Instituteof Technology KarnatakaNational Institute of Technology,DurgapurNational Institute of Technology, RourkelaNationalInstitute of Technology, SilcharNational Institute of Technology,TiruchirappalliNational Institute of Technology, WarangalNetajiSubhas Institute of TechnologyOsmania UniversityPanjabUniversityPondicherry UniversitySardar Vallabhbhai NationalInstitute of Technology, SuratSRM UniversityTata Institute ofSocial SciencesUniversity of CalcuttaUniversity ofCalicutUniversity of DelhiUniversity of MadrasUniversity ofMumbaiUniversity of MumbaiUniversity of PuneUniversity ofRajasthanUttar Pradesh Technical UniversityVisvesvaraya NationalInstitute of TechnologyVisvesvaraya Technological UniversityVITUniversityIn next phase you will check many other functionalitythat you may require. If you have any suggestion then please emailus at [email protected] Your suggestions are very valuable forthis app success.
Kids Zoo - Vertebrates 1.2.2
Kids Zoo is an free educational app for kids that helps youngchildren or Kids to learn about the Vertebrates animals.Kids Zoo isa ultimate guide for kids to see animal pictures and learn animalnames and their category or classification.Browse through categoryand click on any thumbnail to see bigger image, or view next imagewith flick of your finger.In this free app, the vertebrates animalsare divided into five category: Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Mammalsand Reptiles. A significant feature of this app is that there areno unrealistic drawings. Instead, full-length beautiful picturesare used that resemble actual animals (as they look in real life),which helps the child easily remember their names and features.Itssimple interface and voice prompts allow even the youngest kid toplay and learn the names of the animals by themselves!This Kids Zooapp has human voice over to pronounce animal name for easy learningof kids.****** Features ******** 75+ Vertebrates Animals(Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Mammals and Reptiles).* No unrealisticdrawings only full-length beautiful pictures as they look in reallife.* Browse through gallery and click on any thumbnail to seebigger image, or view next image with flick of your finger.* Optionto play animal name multiple time.* Human pronounciation of animalname.* Simple interface and voice prompts of Animals Name.* Easy touse.
Broken Heart Quotes 1.0.4
A relationship app for those dealing with a broken heart, break up,divorce, separation, or split. these sad love quotes can make youlaugh and cry and let your emotions roll and bring ...Broken HeartQuotes is a collection of famous Broken Heart quotes. Thisapplication collects famous Broken Heart quotes from Famousauthors, poets, philosophers and more. This app lets you browsefamous Broken Heart quotes, mark them as favourite, and share withyour friends or near and dear ones.Don't hide your emotions - feelfree to express your true feelings with these beautiful andpowerful break up quote wallpapers!Features of Broken Heart QuotesApp1. Browse famous Broken Heart Quotes.2. Finger swipe option tochange pages to see previous and next Broken Heart quote.3. MarkQuote as Favourite and view only favorite quotes by selecting theLike option from the Dashboard menu.4. Lovely music played in thebackground. Music can be paused from the dashboard menu. 5. Shareand Publish Broken Heart quotes images on Facebook, twitter, email,whatsApp, BeeTalk, WeChat, Instagram, gmail, messenger, chat &more.Please get back to our developer Email id if you face anyissues, or want additional features.
Cool Funny Quotes 1.0.2
Hottest funny quotes collection of all time. Easy to read list ofthe most hilarious phrases ever spoken. Perfect for sharing,blogging and tweeting. Funny quotes from familiar comedians that'llmake you laugh out loud. These comical quips are insightful, silly,ironic, and downright hilarious.Cool Funny Quotes is a collectionof famous Cool Funny quotes. This application collects famous CoolFunny quotes from various sources after search from google. Thisapp lets you browse famous Cool Funny quotes, mark them asfavourite, and share with your friends or near and dearones.Features of Cool Funny Quotes App1. Browse famous Cool FunnyQuotes.2. Finger swipe option to change pages to see previous andnext Cool Funny quote.3. Mark Quote as Favourite and view onlyfavorite quotes by selecting the Like option from the Dashboardmenu.4. Lovely music played in the background. Music can be pausedfrom the dashboard menu. 5. Share and Publish Cool Funny quotesimages on Facebook, twitter, email, whatsApp, BeeTalk, WeChat,Instagram, gmail, messenger, chat & more.Please get back to ourdeveloper Email id if you face any issues, or want additionalfeatures.
Chanakya Niti 1.0.2
Chanakya Niti mobile app is more than a app. It is a lifetransformation manual to understand life. This app is dedicated toChanakya and his teachings. Chanakya gives an idea of how to livehappy life by followed some simple rules in our daily liferoutines. This app has given you some very famous motivationthought and inspirational quotes also known as 'anmol vachan' fromfamous book Chanakya neeti. Chanakya was an Indian teacher,philosopher and royal advisor. Originally a professor of economicsand political science at the ancient Takshashila University,Chanakya managed the first Maurya emperor Chandragupta's rise topower at a young age.Chankya Niti Contains the quotes about Life,Nature, Time, Sexual Independency, Game Play, Politics, Truth,Love, Dectectorship, Black Money and many other things to bringperception from which he comes a powerfull man. This app shared allquotes so that people understand the truth of life.Features ofChanakya Niti Mobile App1. Browse famous Chanakya Niti Quotes.2.Finger swipe option to change pages to see previous and next BrokenHeart quote.3. Mark Quote as Favourite and view only favoritequotes by selecting the Like option from the Dashboard menu.4.Lovely music played in the background. Music can be paused from thedashboard menu. 5. Share and Publish Chanakya Niti quotes images onFacebook, twitter, email, whatsApp, BeeTalk, WeChat, Instagram,gmail, messenger, chat & more.Please get back to our developerEmail id if you face any issues, or want additional features.
Aarti Sangrah 3.1
Aarti Sangrah is a collection of MostusefulAarti's of Hindu Gods and Goddess.This application contain aarti audio, video, lyrics in Hindiaswell as in English. You can view, listen as well as read orsingaarti.The following Aartis are present in this app :1 Vakratunda Mahakaya2 Jay Ganesh Deva3 Shendur Lal Chhadao Aarti + Ganapati ki Seva4 Sukhakarta Dukhaharta Marathi Aarti5 Ganapati ki Seva6 Shendur Lal Chadhayo [Ganapati Aarti]7 Om jay jagadish hare8 Hanuman Lala Ki Aarti9 Om Jay Shiv Omkara10 Kunj Bihari ji ki aarti11 Shanidev ki Aarti12 Laxmi ji ki Aarti13 Kali ji ki Aarti14 Durga ji ki Aarti15 Ambay ji ki Aarti16 Santoshi mata ki Aarti17 Main to Aarti Utaru Re18 Saraswati ji ki Aarti19 Ram ji ki aarti20 Satyanarayan ji ki aarti21 Vishnu ji ki Aarti22 Brahma ji ki aarti23 Khatu Shaam ki Aarti24 Mahalaxmi ji ki Aarti25 Navaratri ki Aarti26 Nou Jyotinyo ki Aarti27 Kaal Ratri Mata ki Aarti28 Om surya namah aarti29 Suryadev ki Aarti30 Brahma Vishnu Mahesh ki Aarti31 Somvar ki Aarti [ Shiv ]32 Somvar ki Aarti33 Mangalvar ki Aarti34 Budhavar ki Aarti35 Guruvar ki Aarti36 Guruvar ki Aarti [ Sai Baba ]37 Shukarwar ki aarti38 Sanivar ki aarti39 Ravivar ki Aarti40 Rani sati ki aarti41 Rani sati ki aarti42 Tirupati Balaji ki Aarti43 Aarti Sri Tirupati Balaji Ki44 Krishna ji ki Aarti45 Yugalkishor ji ki Aarti46 Gopal ji ki Aarti47 Sri Banke Bihari Aarti48 Govardhan Ji Aarti49 Seeta Ram Ji Ki50 Raghuveer Ji Ki Aarti51 Jai jai Ram ji ki aarti52 Anjani Maa Ke Aarti53 Shree Salasar Balaji Ki Aarti54 Shri Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhajman55 Mehandipur Balaji ki aarti56 Mehandipur Balaji ki aarti 257 Mahaveer ji ki Aarti58 Marutnandanji ki Aarti59 Om Jay Mahaveer Prabho ki Aarti60 Pretaraj Sarakar ki Aarti61 Kal bhairav ji ki Aarti62 Batuk Bhairav ji ki Aarti63 Navagraha ki Aarti64 Laxmi Ramana ji ki Aarti65 Ramdevbaba ki Aarti66 Shri Narsingh Bhagwan Ji Ki Aarti67 Siddhivinayak Subaha ki Aarti68 Siddhivinayak Shaam ki Aarti69 Siddhivinayak Raat ki Aarti70 Sai Baba ki Aarti71 Saibaba Subaha ki Aarti72 Saibaba Dopahar ki Aarti73 Saibaba Shaam ki Aarti74 Saibaba Raat ki Aarti75 Ramayan ji ki Aarti76 Bhagavat Geeta ki Aarti77 Bhagavat Puran ki Aarti78 Kedarnath ki Aarti79 Badrinath ki aarti80 Kailashpati ki Aarti81 Charodham ki Aarti82 Mahashivaratri ki Aarti83 Mahamrutunjay ki Aarti84 Trimbakeshvar ki Aarti85 Barahajyotirlinga ki Aarti86 Nakoda Bhairav ji ki aarti87 Shrinath ji ki Aarti88 Vaishnodevi ji ki Aarti89 Nainadevi ji ki Aarti90 Jwaladevi ji ki Aarti91 Gayatri ji ki Aarti92 Sheetal ji ki Aarti93 Yamuna ji ki Aarti94 Triveni ji ki Aarti95 Parvati ji ki Aarti96 Sita ji ki Aarti97 Tulasi ji ki Aarti98 Radha ji ki Aarti99 Manasadevi ji ki Aarti100 Tara Rani Mata Aarti101 Annapurnadevi ji ki Aarti102 Gomata Gaiya ki Aarti103 Narmada ji ki Aarti104 Mehar Sharada ki Aarti105 Ganga devi ji ki Aarti106 Chintapurnadevi ji ki Aarti107 Chamunda devi ji ki Aarti108 Shakumbhari Devi Ji ki Aarti109 Shailsuta ji ki Aarti110 Matangi Mata Aarti111 Katyayani ji ki aarti112 Ashtaputra ki Aarti113 Adikmasa ki Aarti114 Virat bhagavan ji ki Aarti115 Senu Maharaj ki Aarti116 Vindhyavasini Ji ki aarti117 Ashapura Maa ki aarti118 Kangada devi ji ki Aarti119 Kamakhya ji ki aarti120 Mumbadevi ji ki Aart121 Jivdani ji ki Aarti122 Vitthal pandharpur ki aarti123 Jai Dev Jai Dev Jai Panduranga ki Aarti124 Om Jai Chandra Prabhu Deva ki Aarti125 Pitar Ji Ki Aarti126 Dhoop Aarti127 Vishwakarma ji ki aarti128 Gorakhnath ji ki aarti129 Ravidas ji ki aarti130 Kabir das ji ki aarti131 Guru Nanak Dev ji ki aarti132 Jalaram bapa ki aarti133 Santo ki Aarti134 Aarti Lakshman Baaljati Ki135 Aarti Gajvadan Vinayak136 Mantra PushpanjaliIf you have any suggestion or queries please email [email protected]@softelixir.comYou can also follows us on [email protected]://
Kids Education 1.0.4
★ 27 Categories for You Kids to Learn By Sounds★ One App Solutionthat Your Preschooler Kids Need.★ No Need For Other Apps .★ NiceUser Interface Design Categories of Kids Education game :-1.Alphabet Learning 2 .Number Learning 3. Family Learning4. FruitsLearning5. Vegetables Learning6. Foods Learning7. AnimalsLearning8. Birds Learning 9. Seasons Learning10. BedroomLearning11. Bathroom Learning12. Body Parts Learning 13. ClassroomLearning14. Colours Learning15. Shapes Learning16. TransportLearning17. Furniture Learning18. Machines Learning19. ClothesLearning20. Festivals Learning21. Places Of Worship Learning22.Garden Learning23. Flowers Learning24. My Surroundings Learning25.Days Learning26. Months Learning27. Kitchen LearningKids Educationis Educational game developed to help your child to learn countingfrom 1 to 10, all general colors, general shapes and names offruits.Your child will learn alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes,days of the week, months of the year, vegetables and much more.Oureducational game shows children the alphabet letters and teach themto recognize letters as they appear. As a result, preschoolers kidslearn the letters sounds much more faster. This kids education appgives you knowledge of fruits, numbers, shapes and colors. Your kidwill never get bored from this cool game. Learning was never aseasy as with Kids Education game. This kids game will be a greattrainer for your kid and one of the best ways to get elementaryknowledge. Thousands of kids all over the world learn counting,fruit names, color and shapes with this cool game.Start your kidslearning process now. Download the best game from all educationalgames for kids right now, make learning fun.Descriptive Feature ofKids Education App are :- days of week for kids free- educationquotes- educational games for kindergarten- abc for kids, teens,adults - logical apps for toddlers- sounds of letters- animalsounds for toddlers- colors for toddlers app free- entertain gameand apps for preschoolers- shapes for babies apps- numbers for kidsgames- calendar for baby- talking alphabet- educational baby gamesfree- education puzzle and quiz- human body parts for education-real cute animals for toddlers- shapes and colors- baby learn abcand numbers- letters and numbers- learning abc with fun- learninggames for kids- children recognize letters- phonics education- babylearn real english words- help parents teach their kids- trainmemory- abcdKids education is best games for kids.It is aneducational games that help your child in early childhoodeducation.It is one of the best children games.It is learning gamesfor kids .Now a days children learn by those things that have fun.By considering these things we develop this app with fun games forkids.
7 Wonder Puzzle 1.3
7 Wonder Puzzle is a very simple,attractiveand entertaining puzzle game. This puzzle game provideshours ofentertainment for you and your family in free of cost.You can choose one image from 7 wonders and start the game.Inthis game, selected image is broken into 9 pieces. 8 out of9pieces are randomly arranged. You have to reassemble all thepiecesin one image. When 8 out of 9 pieces are arranged then 9thpiecewill automatically flip and complete the game.FEATURES:-• Beautiful colourful images of 7 Wonders• Help if you stuck• Feedback form for your views• Check Top Score.• Improved User Interface• Support all screens size of Android• Overall Increased App Stability• Faster User Interface• Various Bug Fixes• You can now remove full screen Ads. No More Irritating Ads.• Share app with your friends and Colleagues.• Check other Apps from SoftElixir InfoTech (P) Ltd.Rest all you will know when you download and play the game.
Vrat Katha 1.0
Vrat Katha is a collection of most usefulvratkatha's of Hindu Gods and Goddess.This application contain vrat katha audio, video, lyricsinHindi. You can view, listen as well as read or sing Vratkatha.The following Vrat kathas are present in this app :1. Ganesh Chaturthi Ki Katha In Kartik Maha2. Tara Bhojan ki katha3. Chhoti Sankali Vrat Vidhi4. Badi Sankali vrat vidhi5. Narayan Tarayan Vrat Vidhi6. Chandrayaan Vrat Vidhi7. Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha8. Ganesh ji ki Vrat Katha9. Ahoi Ashtami Vrat Katha10. Ganesh ji ki Vrat Katha11. Rama Ekadashi Vrat Katha12. Govatsa Dwadashi Vrat Katha13. DhanTeras ki Katha14. DhanTeras Mantra15. Narak Chaturdashi Vrat Katha16. Roop Chaturdashi Vrat Katha17. Chhoti Diwali18. Badi Diwali19. Laxmi Pujan Katha20. Laxmi ji ki katha21. Govardhan Pooja Or Annatkut Vrat Katha22. Bhaiya Dooj Vrat Katha23. Surya Shashti Or Chhath Pooja Vrat Katha24. Gopashtami Vrat Katha25. Amal Navami Vrat Katha26. Ganesh ji ki Vrat Katha27. Teerayata Vrat Vidhi28. Dev Uthani Ekadasi Vrat Katha29. Dev Jagane Ka Geet30. Tulsi Vivah Katha31. Bhishma Panchak Or Panch Bhikhu Vrat Katha32. Baikuntha Chaturdashi Vrat Katha33. Kartik Purnima Vrat KathaIf you have any suggestion or queries please email [email protected]@softelixir.comYou can also follows us on [email protected]://
Navratri Katha 1.0.0
Navratri katha is a collection of MostusefulKatha, Aarti’s, Bhajan’s, Mantra’s of Navratri.This application contain audio, video, lyrics in Hindi as wellasin English and photos. You can view, listen as well as read orsingKatha, Aarti’s, Bhajan’s, Mantra’s of Navratri.Now no need to download different apps for Navratri katha,Aartior Bhajan's. Just download the app and listen to all theNavratrikatha, aarti, bhajan's with a simple tap.Following Katha, Aarti’s, Bhajan’s, Mantra’s are present inthisapp :1 Jay Ganesh Deva2 Ghat Sthapana Durga Poojan Samagri3 Shri Durga Navratri Vrat Katha4 Durga Navratri (Saptashati) Havan Vidhi5 Durga Chalisa6 Kali Mata Chalisa7 Vashno Devi Chalisa8 Bhairav chalisa9 Durga ji ki Aarti10 Kali ji ki Aarti11 Ambay ji ki Aarti12 Navaratri ki Aarti13 Nou Jyotinyo ki Aarti14 Kaal Ratri Mata ki Aarti15 Vaishnodevi ji ki Aarti16 Shakumbhari Devi Ji ki Aarti17 Shailsuta ji ki Aarti18 Matangi Mata Aarti19 Katyayani ji ki aarti20 Bhairav ji ki Aarti21 Hanuman Lala Ki Aarti22 Om jay jagadish hare23 Durga Amrutwani24 Mahakali Amrutwani - 125 Mahakali Amrutwani - 226 Jai Mata Ki Bol Ke Bhakti Chalo Dware pe27 Uchi Chadi Aaya Jo Chad Ke Dwar Maiya ke28 Ye Maiya Ka Dar Hai29 Kaila Devi Main Jauge Maa Ke Darshan Pauze30 Pathar ki duniya se nikal ke dekho maa ek baar31 Maa Kangde wali tujhe naman Kya khoob saja hai tera bhawan32 Maa Jhumta Muskurata Naya Saal Ho33 Jago jago bhawani subah ho gayi34 Teri Jo Bhi Jagaye Jot bawani sherawali kare tu balleballe35 Hey jwala maiya teri jot akhand36 Teri mahima badi koi jaan sakna na maa37 MAI MAI MAI MUJHE DARSHAN DIKHA DE38 Meri Maiya ka laga hai darbar chalo to darshan kar aave39 Jai kali calcutta wali Maa40 Hey maharani jag kalyani Maa41 Karo-Karo ji Kanya Pujan Karo-Karo ji42 Man ki Murade palo ye Ye Maa Ka Jagrata Hai43 Maiya darsh dikhane aa phi ja44 Jhulo maa jhulo maa45 NAJO SE PALI GUDIYA RANI46 Maa kabhi to darsh dikhayege47 Jauge karoli wali jaat me48 MAIYA RE MAIYA kaise jagat banaya tune49 Maa Halwa ki thali bhar bhar layiIf you have any suggestion or queries please email [email protected]
Chalisa Sangrah 2.0.0
Chalisa Sangrah is a collection of MostusefulChalisa's of Hindu Gods and Goddess.This application contain Chalisa audio, video, lyrics in Hindiaswell as in English. You can view, listen as well as read orsingChalisa.The following Aartis are present in this app :1. Shree Ganesh Chalisa2. Shri Raam Chalisa3. Shiv Chalisa4. Hanuman Chalisa5. Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman6. Bajrang Baan7. Shri Hanumat Stavan8. Krishna Ji Chalisa9. Shyam sawla chalisa10. Vishnu Chalisa11. Gopal chalisa12. Brahama Chalisa13. Shanidev Chalisa14. Shanidev Chalisa15. Bhairav Chalisa16. Batuk Bhairav Chalisa17. Surya Chalisa18. Shree Surya Chalisa19. Shree Navgrah Chalisa20. Vishvakarma chalisa21. Ravidas Chalisa22. Gorakhnath Chalisa23. Jahar Veer Chalisa24. Pretraj sarkar chalisa25. Mehndipur Bala Ji Chalisa26. Sai Chalisa27. Giriraj Ji Chalisa28. Parshuram Ji Chalisa29. Khatu shyam ji chalisa30. Khatu Shyam Chalisa31. Ram Dev Chalisa32. Pitar Chalisa33. Baba Ganga Ram Chalisa34. Durga chalisa35. Vindheshwari chalisa36. Laxmi Chalisa37. Shree Mahalakshmi Chalisa38. Saraswati Chalisa39. Gayatri Chalisa40. Gayatri Chalisa41. kali Mata Chalisa (Female Version)42. Kali Mata Chalisa (Male Version)43. Sheetla Mata Chalisa44. Radha Chalisa45. Tulsi chalisa46. Vaishno Devi Chalisa47. Santoshi Mata Chalisa48. Maa Annapurna Chalisa49. Parvati Chalisa50. Bagula mukhi mata Chalisa51. Ganga chalisa52. Shree Narmada Chalisa53. Sharda Mata Chalisa54. Shakambari Chalisa55. Lalitha Chalisa56. Chint Purni Chalisa57. Rani Sati Chalisa58. Adinath chalisa59. Arhanath Chalisa60. Chandraprabhu Chalisa61. Kunthnath Chalisa62. Mahaveer Chalisa Anuj63. Namokar Chalisa64. Padamprabhu Chalisa65. Padmavati Chalisa66. Parshvnath Chalisha67. Shantinath Chalisa68. Shree Neminath Chalisa69. Vasupujya ChalisaIf you have any suggestion or queries please email [email protected]@softelixir.comYou can also follows us on [email protected]:// features you can check in App :chalisa sangrah in hindichalisa sangrah mp3,chalisa sangrah youtube,chalisa sangrah appchalisa sangrah audiochalisa sangrah by anup jalotachalisa sangrah anuradha paudwal
Quotes Diary 1.2.1
The Most Awaited App with User friendly designed. This appcontaining great collection of best and famous quotes that make itUnique. It is designed with modern interface. Download this app andtake inspiration from famous quotes. Quotes Diary is a collectionof 16000+ quotes , 800+ Authors and 13 categories. It containssayings from philosophers, writers, spiritual thinkers and othergreat minds whose brilliant words inspired many human beings. Seeit with yourself and download this app.If you are looking for anice and amazing quotes collection, your search ends with thisquotes diary appThe Quotes Diary App interface is sleek and havingsimpler navigation that make it more user friendly .Quotes Diary isthe app where you can Add /Edit/Delete your own Quotes and sharewith your friends, relatives and groups. It is completely Offlineand FREE app. This App contain Text to Speech function, So you caneasily listen to your favorite quotes anytime everywhere.Featuresand Highlights of Quotes Diary App :-✔ Category wise quotation :here you can see the list of quotes category wise.✔ Author wisequotation : here you can see the list of quotes Author wise.✔ DailyQuotes : here you can see daily new quotes.✔ 16000+ latest quotescollection in over 13 categories with 800+ Authors.✔ Beautiful UserInterface.✔ Get daily notifications from the Quotes diary app✔ Textto Speech Function Supported✔ Read short description about anauthor inside the app and follow a link to Wikipedia page for moreinformation.✔ My Quotes : here you can create your own quotes andshare it with friends, relatives or with any group.✔ Use simplesearch feature to find a quote you are looking for.✔ Share featurefor direct sharing on social networking sites.✔ Completely Free todownload app.✔ Works Offline.Note : If any bugs occurred , pleasesend email to [email protected] you for your understandingand support
Destination North East 2016 1.2.0
A mega event to display the strengths, potentials and initiativesin the North Eastern Region12-14 FEBRUARY, 2016 VENUE: ITPO,PRAGATI MAIDAN, NEW DELHIThe North East Region, comprising of eightstates, Astalakhshmi, covers an area of nearly eight percent of thecountry’s total geographical area and have four percent of thetotal population of the country. The region has over hundred sixtyscheduled tribes and over four hundred other tribal and sub tribalcommunities and groups. Richly endowed with natural resources, theregion is identified as one of the world’s biodiversity hot spot;it hosts species rich tropical rain forest and supports diverseflora and fauna including medicinal plant species. Reserves ofpetroleum and natural gas in the region constitutes one fifth ofthe country’s total oil reserves. More than sixty percent of theIndia’s potential hydroelectricity generation capacity lieshere.The Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) isorganizing a mega event during 12-14 February, 2016 at PragatiMaidan, ITPO, New Delhi. This event showcases the activities byvarious Ministries in North East and also gives an opportunity todifferent sectors to showcase and deliberate their achievements,issues, constraints and challenges.The event named as “DestinationNorth East- 2016” includes a Business Summit, Exhibitions Stallsshowcasing features of North East in order to attract investmentsparticipating only in Tourism, Information Technology, SkillDevelopment, Food Processing, Handlooms and Handicrafts, RuralLivelihoods, Entrepreneurship and Microfinance, Horticulture andFloriculture.The most fascinating treasure trove of North East hasalways been famous for its traditions, and hospitality. It isacknowledged to be one of the most splendid, variegated andmultilingual tribal belt of the world. To bring this fact closer tothe participants/visitors, cultural programmes mixed with music anddance will also be organized everyday in the evening. To get ataste of ethnic North East Food, North East Food Court withdifferent cuisines of all the states of North East will be there.
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