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MySpeed 7.2.2
Neil Boyd
MySpeed will alert you when you're near aspeed camera.It can record your speed and location to a log file.What users are saying about MySpeed:"Tried all the free speed apps...this is the best!""One of few that run and warn in the background :)""Turning map is great :-)""Works GREAT, I use this to keep a log of my speed, helpful forfighting inaccurate speeding tickets."MySpeed is a free app supported by adverts.keywords:osm open street map gps tracking routing navigation poi speedcamera safety cameras traffic enforcement camera's speed trappolice radar speeding ticket speed limitpoiplaza scdb flitspaal pocketgpsworld maparadar adivorradardroid opensatnav radalert blitzer trapster flits alert
DynDNS client 2.3
Neil Boyd
This application assigns a fixed domain name to your Android phoneeven though the IP address can change.This is the official app for the generic dynamic DNS client that works with all dynamic DNSproviders, including,,,,please see my other app.
Dynamic DNS client 2.3.1
Neil Boyd
This application assigns a fixed domain name to your Android phoneeven though the IP address can change.Works with all dynamic DNS providers, including,,,,, the official app please see my other app.For more information see website.
osmdroid 6.0.3
Neil Boyd
The osmdroid MapView class is an (almost) full replacement forGoogle's MapView (v1 API) class. This app is a demo of the osmdroidlibrary.
SendLog 2.0.1
Neil Boyd
SendLog is a diagnostic tool. It will send the log file and aprocess list from your phone to an email.This is useful to send tothe developer of an application in case it crashes or otherwisemisbehaves.*** It is only possible to read log files on Androidversion 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and later if your phone is rooted. ******As of version 2.0, developers can embed SendLog into their own appsto add the ability to send logs. ***You can choose any of theformats that logcat supports. The default and recommended format is"time".It will add the output of "top" to the email. This shows thelist of processes and the amount of CPU they are using.You cancreate a home shortcut where you can specify the destination email,format and email client.You can send to any app that supportsattachments, such as Gmail, Dropbox, Skype, etc. Note that otherapplications such as Facebook, Twitter, etc will also be listed,but you should not choose any of these because they cannot handleattachments.SendLog works with all Android versions and all phonesand tablets. It will not truncate the log file. The log file isalso stored as a text file on the root of the SD card, or the appfolder if there's no SD card present.
NtpWidget 1.0.4
Neil Boyd
NtpWidget is a simple widget that shows the time from an NTPserver.
Haarlem Bezoekers Parkeren 1.7
Neil Boyd
Beheer bezoekersparkeervergunningen met deze eenvoudigeapplicatie.Voeg de kentekenregistratie van bezoekers toe aan jouwfavorieten, zodat je eenvoudig hun volgende bezoek kanaanmelden.Deze applicatie is niet gelieerd met de Gemeente Haarlem,maar maakt wel gebruik van de officiële Haarlem website( om de parkeervergunning te activeren.Een internetverbinding is daarom vereist.Manage visitor parkingpermits with this simple application.Add the licensing of visitorsto your favorites so you can easily visit their next login.Thisapplication is not affiliated with the City of Haarlem, but doesuse the official website Haarlem ( to theparking mode. An Internet connection is therefore required.
Wifi Switcher 1.5
Neil Boyd
Wifi Switcher will switch to the Wi-Fi network with the strongestsignal from your remembered networks.It runs constantly in thebackground. When the Android system scans the Wi-Fi networks, WifiSwitcher will check to see if any of your preferred networks has abetter signal strength than the one you're currently connected to.If it finds one significantly better then it will switch toit.Scenario:At home I have a Wi-Fi access point downstairs andanother one upstairs. If I go upstairs I stay connected to the onedownstairs but the signal is much weaker. This app willautomatically switch you to the stronger Wi-Fi connection.
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