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Bangladesh National ID 1.2
Bangladesh Election Commission (EC) is an institution responsiblefor executing various constitutional elections of the country.Apart from dealing with National ID card, it also performsdifferent electoral activities. Through this app, user will get allsort of information relating to voter incorporation and NID card.It will also provide with the processes for amending orrecollecting the lost NID card along with all sort of downloadableforms as necessary.
Driving License 1.6
Driving License app a public service offered by the government,contains information on how to obtain ones driving license and acar registration. Necessary Application Forms to obtain theseofficial documents and the procedures that are to be followed withBangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) are provided. Alsoinformation on local banks and their respective branches, which areofficially authorized to receive the registration and licensing feeof BRTC, are included. These bank details are held District wisefor users’ convenience. Road and transport is an important mediumfor internal communication where BRTC is responsible for itsmaintenance, conservation and appropriate development according tothe Government’s plan. In addition to that, BRTC is alsoresponsible for establishing necessary bridge-culvert and runningproposed road surveys.
Text Book 1.1.2
National Curriculum and Textbook Board continues to ensure qualityeducation for futureskilled citizens. Using this applicationrelated text books of primary, junior, secondary and highersecondary can be downloaded. Besides this, detailed curriculuminformation of each class can be obtained.
Textile Calculator 1.1.5
This App will be used to calculate the cost of progression of workin different stages in the textile industry. For example TextileCalculator: The clothing department of the Ministry of Clothing andJute industry is working diligently to flourish the clothingindustry, of the country. The main aim of this institution is tocreate efficient manpower by running the 4 textile EngineeringCollages, 2 textile institutes, and 40 textile vocationalinstitutes.Through the App, the possible calculation of some of thework process of Clothing industry such as auto caner, ring, frame,simplex, finisher drawing, comber, lap former, breaker dying, etc.can be found out. At the same time, it can be calculated, thequantity of thread is produced from the sum of cotton and the timerequirements in producing this quantity of thread.
Bangladesh Tourism Corporation 1.0.6
Bangladesh Tourism Corporation is an autocratic institutionoperating under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, Govt.of Bangladesh. Most frequently, the corporation takes steps tofacilitate expansion of the tourism industry of the country. Usingthis app, one can get district/ division wise information onpopular tourist spots along with their description, historicalimportance, and communication system etc. This app also containsthe addresses of some duty-free shops, handicrafts display centerand shopping mall within Dhaka district along with the contactdetails and addresses of residential hotels under the tourismcorporation.
E-Directory 1.1
Using this application user will be able to contact with thedesignated employees of all ministries and their directorates,departments and commissions. It provides contact details of allgovt. office heads and related personnel of all divisions anddistricts along with the important contact details of some socialservice rendering institutions.
72 Constitution of Bangladesh 1.0.4
This app will present the hand written first supreme law ofBangladesh. Constitution of Bangladesh: The constitution ofBangladesh is independent and it’s the supreme law of Bangladesh.This First Law is constituted on 4th November 1972. Although, dueto political reasons, the present constitution has many alteration,the handwritten supreme law of 1972 plays an integral part ofBengali heritage. This app will present the digital format of thehandwritten constitution of 1971. Besides that, interestedcandidate will be able to read it as a book.
Shanchita 1.3
Sonchita app a public service offered by the government, offers thefull poetry, ‘Sonchita’ written by Kazi Nazrul Islam is availablefor easy download and reading. This app constitutes of the immortalbook of verses. A directory of poems of this book is available withit. From this directory, any poem selected is available in fullversion for download.Sonchita: Nazrul Institute is under theMinistry of Cultural Affairs is an autonomous institution. Thisinstitute was established to conserve recollection, biography,literature, sangeet and overall contribution of Kazi Nazrul’screations for publications and outreach the image of the poetdomestically and internationally.
Dhaka Stock Exchange 1.1.2
Dhaka Stock Exchange or DSE is the largest andmain stock market of Bangladesh. It was formed in 1954. Businessesregistration, registered securities, regulated trade, tradenegotiations, exchange controls, in addition to reviewing themarkets in the share market and also other important decisions aretaken by Dhaka Stock Exchange. Through this application, the priceof shares of listed companies, the value of the rate of change, thehighest price, lowest price, you can get to know.
Public Library 1.1
‘For education and a library for a literate nation’, The Ministryof Cultural Affairs has been working towards to improvise thisprinciple. Recognized by all, by serving information and knowledge,the public library contributes to the socio-economic development,heritage and cultural manifestation and it plays an important rolein the country.The beginning of the App will contain a briefintroduction on the Sufia Kamal national library. This App willcontain a database on the names of the public libraries of allprovinces and districts of the country, their hours of operation,quantities of books and newspapers and magazines, temporarycurriculum list, various expansionary programs, the contributoryservices of libraries, capacity of libraries , number of readers,new addition of books, various competition list and contactinformation. The process and application form will also be attachedto rent a library venue as well as other library relatedapplication forms.
Agriculture Info Service 1.1
Agriculture Information Service, under the Ministry of Agriculture,provides information tothe mass on technology advancements forenhanced development. Using the application, one can get detailedinformation on how to plan for a profitable agro-based product suchas crop cultivation, fisheries and livestock. Furthermore, one canalso get to know about the implementation methodology, managementand maintenance of the agro-based products.
Pusti Kotha 1.2
This application provides information about different types offruit and vegetables & its nutritional values in Bangladesh. Itwill provide the instruction, how one person can keep his or herbody fit? Moreover, it also provides information on daily needsthat required to be fit like; how much calories are required for afit person?, fruits and its nutritional values and Impact of fruitsand its nutritional values for preventing of different disease andso on. Moreover, you will also get information what amount ofnutrition is needed respect to your ages or height? It explains onthe causes of malnutrition and description of different diseasesdue to malnutrition in Bangladesh.
Bangabandhu 2.0
The birth of the sovereign state of Bangladesh. This applicationbrings you the biography of the greates Bangalee, Sheikh MojiburRahman. Significant speeches captured in video, audio and as textare available in this application. A brief on Bangabandhu’slifestyle and his year wise activities are available.
Right To Information 1.0.4
This App will provide all sorts of information on Right toInformation Act and other exercising laws. Right to Information:The main goal of the Information Commission is to obtaininginformation for establishing empowerment of the public. Theresponsibilities of this institution is to reduce corruption andgood governance for accountability and transparency for everyGovernment or statutory organization, public or foreign investedorganization and private firms and to manage and administerGovernment activitiesTo keep this aim ahead, Right to InformationAct 2009 was created and approved. Through this APP, detailedinformation on Right to Information Act will be obtainable. Theprocess of obtaining rights to information and its application formwill be available for download. The address, contact informationand GIS location of the institution will be available on this App.
Archaeology of Bangladesh 1.0.6
This APP is for Department of Archeology of Bangladesh. Thedirectory of all archeological sites and Museums will be listedDistrict wise with their main features, locations, and visitinghours. Archeology of Bangladesh: Department of Archeology under theMinistry of Cultural Affairs, is working towards the conservation,publication, and expansion of domestic heritage and culture. Atpresent, there are about 448 archeological precedents and 16museums scattered in the whole country which will be maintained andexpanded by this department. This APP will present details aboutheritage and ethnic precedents of the country with visiting hours,the enlightenment of the precedents and corresponding information.
Rivers of Bangladesh 1.2
Rivers App will present all sorts of information on the rivers ofBangladesh. For example, the name of main rivers of Bangladesh, thename of the districts’ on which the main rivers are flowing throughand their measurements, the wherewithal of the rivers, herfinancial contribution in the country and such. Information onRivers: Ministry of water resources of Government of People’sRepublic of Bangladesh is responsible for the development andmanagement of water resources of the country. It constructs variousdevelopment projects such as flood control, drainage andirrigation. The ministry of water resources is in charge of rulesand regulation implementation, development strategies, guidelineand instructions related to water resources to expect theusefulness and safety to all public of the country. In addition tothat, the ministry has research and coordinating institutions toestablish awareness by proving information among public to use thisresources ideally. This App provides a database of the rivers whichare flowing through the heart of Bangladesh, its location and themajor information of these rivers. It will include the rivers’wherewithal, direction of the flow, location, water flowing,falling face and other detailed information. You will see theposition of the rivers on the map of Bangladesh.
Bangladesh National Museum 1.2
Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Government of People’s Republic ofBangladesh believes the National Museum of Bangladesh is animportant cultural establishment for the country. The main dutiesand responsibilities of the ministry is to conserve , spread andcreate awareness of contemporary arts, ethnic precedents,historical debris, and other cultural affairs that’s being lost orhidden in the midst of current society.The beginning of this Appcontains a brief introduction of the national museum. This APP willprovide information on visiting hours of different branches, theprice of tickets, GIS location of museums and 42 independentvirtual galleries of the National Museum. The process andapplication forms to rent an auditorium of museums is attached inthe APP. Moreover pictures of special precedents will also beavailable on the app.
Bondhu 1.2
The Ministry of Home Affairs is the most important ministry of thegovernment working to create a safe habitable human environment byensuring peace and security throughout the country. Their majorresponsibilities are to provide security to life and property,conduct rescue operations, investigate criminal cases, fightcriminals, crimes and militancy, protect boarder and coastal belt,check smuggling, formulate immigration and emigration relatedpolices and combat trafficking in humans and drugs are intertwined.
Postal Department 1.0.1
Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications & Information Technologyis one of the important ministry of People ’s Republic ofBangladesh. Under this ministry Post & Telecommunicationdivision provides postal and telecommunication service to thegeneral public. This mobile application provides the information ofdifferent postal service, postal forms, post codes of the countryetc.
Cotton Cultivation 1.0.2
Bangladesh has a glorious tradition in cotton and textileproduction. Cotton Development Board (CDB) was established underthe Ministry of Agriculture in 1972 to promote cotton production inthe country. CDB started functioning in 1974-75 and started growingAmerican Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) on experimental basis.There are 2 (two) types of cotton are producing in Bangladesh namedUpland Cotton and Hill Cotton. This Application provides theinformation about the cultivation process, use of fertilizers &insecticides, supportive crops, marketing and countrywide officeaddresses with contacts.
Form Portal 1.2
The application allows user to view all forms used in differentministries, departments and organizations. Downloadable versions ofthe forms are also available. As example of filled up forms, sampleforms are kept so that the user understands how to complete it. Theforms are maintained according to their respective departments.
The Department of Printing and Publications (DPP) is a Governmentorganization under the Ministry of Public Administration whichcontrols the all print, publication and stationery related issue ofthe Government. This application provides the information ofactivities & Services of DPP and its countrywide officeaddresses with contacts.
Dhaka Zoo 1.0
The Dhaka Zoo has a collection of local and international animals.It is administered under the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock.Here floods in many visitors to watch interesting animals for goodentertainment. It is also used for research purposes as well. Theapplication provides general information about the zoo, necessaryservice fees, timing, terms and conditions for visitors andinformation on other valued services. In addition user can get theview map, GIS location and contact details.Under the program'National Mobile Application Awareness Development and CapacityBuilding' for each Ministry, mobile applications were developed inorder to provide public services using the applications. As part ofthe program the Dhaka Zoo application was developed.
Rupali Bank 1.2
Rupali Bank Limited was incorporated on 13th December 1986 andsince then it has been operating as one of the finest state-ownedcommercial bank. The application provides information about thebank, branches and ATM booth locations. Detail on the servicesoffered by them, notice boards, latest news, headoffice addresswith GIS location are also available.
Infokosh Tube 1.4
Access to information (a2i) has been continuously working todeliver govt., by using information technology. This app containsvideos on different awareness building activities. Major activitiesinclude agricultural and non-agricultural initiatives, law andhuman rights, education, social awareness, environment and calamityprevention etc.
BSCIC 1.0.5
Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) is theprime mover organization in Bangladesh to support industrializationprocess through creation of an entrepreneurial society. BSCIC wasestablished by an Act of the Parliament in 1957. Vision of thiscorporation is to accelerate the industrial growth throughpromotion and extension of small and cottage industries. Itsdevelopment activities are motioned, catalyzed and supported bypromotion and extension services to the small and cottageindustries (SCI). This application provides the information ofactivities of BSCIC and its countrywide office addresses withcontacts.
BD Foreign Currency Converter 1.0.4
Bank and Financial Divisionis an institution operating under theMinistry of Finance, Govt. of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Thisdivision, on behalf of Govt. of Bangladesh, decides on laws andprinciples and establishes control over the bank and otherfinancial institutions of the country.This app will provide theexchange value of BDT (taka) against other countries’ currencies interms of their purchase and sale in a specified time. Besides,theapp will also calculate the totalamount of receivable or payableinstantly.
Nazrul Sangeet 1.4
The directory of the songs of the National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islamcalled ‘Nazrul Sangeet’ sung by various artists will be availableon this APP. Moreover it will include some of the songs that weresung by Kazi Nazrul Islam himself. Nazrul Sangeet: Nazrul instituteis under the Ministry of Cultural affairs is an autonomousinstitution. This institute was established to conserverecollection, biography, literature, sangeet and overallcontribution of kazi Nazrul’s creations and for publications andoutreach the image of the poet domestically andinternationally.This APP will present the collected songs of NazrulInstitute in a MP3 player format. To listen to these songs listedin a genre, a song has to be selected. Along with the songs, thename of the artist, publication year, and the recording houseinformation will also be available.
PID 1.0.2
Press Information Department (PID) under the Ministry ofInformation works as areliable prolocutor of government ofBangladesh. Using this application user can contact with thedesignated employees, newsmen, and photo journalists fo allnational daily, online newspaper and television channels. Apartfrom this, local correspondents and bureau heads of severalinternational news agencies can also be reached through thisapplication. Official address of the PID is also available in theapplication.
Muktijuddho 1.2
1971, the liberation war always remains fresh in our memories. TheMinistry of Liberation War Affairs under the Government of thePeople's Republic of Bangladesh, works with utmost dedicationtowards maintaining the morale of that time. Using the application,the history of the liberation war can be known. Also available aredetail of highest military awardees, Sector of Liberation War andSector Commander.
Chittagong Hill Tracts 1.1
The Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) is a distinct region in terms ofits ethnic, cultural and environmental diversity to the rest ofBangladesh.Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) the only extensive hillyarea in Bangladesh lies in southeastern part of the country (21025' N to 230 45' N latitude and 910 54' E to 920 50' E longitude)bordering Myanmar on the southeast, the Indian state of Tripura onthe north, Mizoram on the east and Chittagong district on the west.The area of the Chittagong Hill Tracts is about 13,184 sq km, whichis approximately one-tenth of the total area of Bangladesh.TheChittagong Hill Tracts, combining three hilly districts ofBangladesh Rrangamati, khagrachhari and Bandarban districts. Thearea of the Chittagong Hill Tracts is about 13,295 sq km, which isapproximately one-tenth of the total area of Bangladesh.Thisapplication provides you the information regarding physiography,local government, history and the beautiful picture gallery ofdifferent festivals.
E- Joyeeta 1.0.4
The ministry of Women and children of Government of People’sRepublic of Bangladesh has been working towards implantation ofvarious programs involving establishing empowerment, general rightsof the women and children and overall mainstream development. Ashopping centre named joyeeta has been established in Rapa Plaza,Dhanmondi, Dhaka to bring this project alive. About 16 thousandvoluntary women in the whole country, under the Women AssociationBureau, will be supported to market and selling their handmadeproduced commodities.In this application, Joyeeta will be displayedwith detailed information. Buyers will be able to browse thecommodities in a list of category. From this list, after selectingmerchandise, its name, usefulness and prices all will be available.
BTRC 1.2
BTRC has been working continuously to make telecommunication sectorcost effective and convenient by introducing new and moderntechnology. Their effort resulted in a sharp increase in the numberof people using technology.One can get the history of BTRC, its’mission and vision, employees & workers, different servicesprovided by BTRC and qualifications required to obtain differenttypes of Licenses. It also contains information regarding thenumber of mobile phone and internet users in Bangladesh, BTRCpublications, different telecommunication related programs, photogallery, contact numbers and address. Apart from these, using thisapplication anyone can submit telecommunication relatedcomplaint.Moreover, almost all information on CommonwealthTelecommunication Organization Forum-2014 is available in thisapplication. The topic of discussion, participating countries, listof invited guests, program schedule, contact address, variouspictures and videos is also available in this application.
ARCH 1.0
User will get details information about building constructed orbuilt or will be built by the Government of Bangladesh all over thecountry. Moreover, this application is incorporated one option forsending the existing design on request to a specific number. Userwill also receive relevant information of the structure.
Under the ministry of home affairs Bangladesh Coast Guard is aunique force that carries out an array of civil and militaryresponsibilities touching almost every facet of the Bangladeshmaritime environment. This application provides its history,mission & vision, coast guard area, description vessels &war vessels and office address with contacts.
BKSP 1.0.7
Bangladesh Krira Shiksha Protishthan (BKSP) was established withsome overarching objectives of searching promising talents,ensuring education and adequate facilities for them. This app willprovide information on overall structure of the institution andadmission procedures for different courses along with the briefintroduction of the institution. It will also provide theinformation on the recruitment process, eligibility forapplication, workshops and other related info.
Bangladesh Sugar & Food Industries Corporation (BSFIC) emergedas a single corporate body from 1st July, 1976 through merging oftwo separate Corporations vlz. Bangladesh Sugar Mills Corporation(BSMC) and Bangladesh Food & Allied Industries Corporation(BFAIC) under presidential Order No. 27 of 26th march, 1972. BSFICis an autonomous Corporation under the Ministry of Industries. Thegeneral administration of the affairs and business of thecorporation is vested with a Board of Directors (Finance,Marketing, Production & Engineering, Planning & Developmentand Cane Development & Research) headed by a Chairman.The basicobjective of BSFIC is to help in building the national economythrough: Implementation of the industrial policy of the government;Identification and preparation of new development projects with theapproval of the government; Proper implementation of the approveddevelopment projects; Planning and implementation of sugarcanedevelopment schemes for the smooth operation of the enterprises atmaximum level of efficiency; Development of human resources at highlevel of efficiency; Making available import substitute and qualityproducts at reasonable prices.Besides the function’s information ofBSFIC, this application provides you the information regarding thesugar mill with their production capacity.
Textile Mills Information 2.0.1
Textile Milles information: To reconstruct the internal Clothingindustry, Bangladesh Textiles Mills Corporation has been workingtowards it since 1972. At present, there are about 18 textilemills, under the textile mills corporation. The main goal of thiscorporation is to conduct research and training to increase theproduction of domestic clothing, industrial development.This APPwill present a brief introduction of 18 textile mills, theirlocation, and production years as an entrepreneurship, the amountof spindle and loom and such information
NAEM 1.1.8
Organized by National Academy for Educational Management,information on all workshops and trainings for teachers, hours andlocation will be accessible with this APP. Naem: National Academyfor Educational Management (NAEM) under the Ministry of Educationof Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, holdresponsibilities and duties towards expansion of education and itsmanagement administration. Besides that, this institution alsoworks for Bangladesh Civil Service and education related employeesfor educational management, planning, research and administration.In this constructed APP, in the beginning, there will be generalinformation on this and the given responsibilities and the dutiesgiven by the Ministry of Education to the National Academy forEducational Management. This APP constitutes of the many coursesand trainings with detailed explanations, organized by the NationalAcademy for Educational Management. Contact information and phonenumber will be at the end of this app.
Dhaka City Corporation (South) 1.1
Dhaka South City Corporation provides a list of all importantgovernment establishments and organizations such as gymnasiums,libraries, music schools, community centers, graveyards and manymore. Using this application one can get the address, the GISlocation on the map and the contact number of the concernedauthority.
Sundarban 1.2
The Sundarbans mangrove forest, one of the largest such forests inthe world (140,000 ha), lies on the delta of the Ganges,Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers on the Bay of Bengal. SundarbansUNESCO’s World Heritage site inscribed in 1997. The site isintersected by a complex network of tidal waterways, mudflats andsmall islands of salt-tolerant mangrove forests, and presents anexcellent example of ongoing ecological processes. The area isknown for its wide range of fauna, including 260 bird species, theBengal tiger and other threatened species such as the estuarinecrocodile and the python. This mobile application provides thehistory of Sundarban, animals diversity, heritage, plant diversityand geographical structure. Besides this you can get informationregarding tourist, tour operator and the citizen charter of thedepartment of forest in Bangladesh
Jubo Unnoyon 1.1
Since 1981 Department of Youth Development is working to facilitatethe unemployed youth for gainful employment/ self-employmentproviding vocational/ skill development training and micro-creditsupport. It is a continuous process is doing by the Department ofYouth Development to involve the youth in the mainstream ofnational development process. Department of Youth Development appprovides you all the offices address with contact under the samedepartment around the country. This app also provides you theinformation regarding youth training, youth loan and youth awards.
Poribesh Odhidoptor 1.2
DOE’s vision is to ensure sustainable environmental governance forachieving high quality of life for the benefit of present andfuture generation. DOE’s mission is to help secure a clean andhealthy environment for the benefit of present and futuregenerations. This mobile application provides the the lawsregarding the clean and healthy environment. Besides this you canget information regarding national environment medal, differentform and DOE’s office addresses with contacts.
Water transport is one of the major transport systems in the landof river like Bangladesh. BIWTA act as The Authority performsstatutory functions of development, maintenance and regulatorynature. This application is having the information of fare of waterrout and the BIWTA’s countrywide office addresses with contacts.
Silpokola Academy 1.1
Shilpakala Academy spread out its activities all over the country.It has brought the revolution of culture. Expansion of culturalpractice, Establishment of 486 Upazila shilpakala Academy,preservation of folk culture, ensuring culture for all, introducingBangladeshi culture to the international world and finallyorganizing the liberation war based cultural events BangladeshShilpakala Academy is contributing a lot. Now Bangladesh shilpakalaAcademy is the holy land of culture, center point of all culturalpersonalities, artists and people. Bangladesh Shilpakala Academynow acts as a mirror of Bangladesh. That’s why this institution isour pride and light house of spirit. This mobile applicationprovides the information of different academic departments,publications, auditorium & hall with rent rate and its contactdetail.
Insect Control Of Crop 1.0
This is a very useful and interactive application for agriculturesector particularly for farmers. Crops diseases and itscorresponding prevention and cure procedure is one click away fromthe users (farmers). First, after opening this apps splash screenwill be shown before the user. Then list as grid view will beappeared for the following crops: paddy, wheat, potato, jute,tomato and mango. After selecting a specific crop, a list ofdisease incorporated with relevant images and information forprevention and cure will be shown in textually as well as audio andvideo format. When user will select a specific disease aftercomparing leaf with existing database leaf visually then they couldread or listen or view the given files. Finally, they could takenecessary steps for preventing or cure for the affected disease oftheir crops.
NBR Tax Calculator 1.8
The National Board of Revenue (NBR) is the central authority fortax administration in Bangladesh.The main responsibility of NBR isto collect domestic revenue (primarily, Import Duties and Taxes,VAT and Income Tax ) for the government.Through this application,how much money you have to pay taxes on the amount of income thatcan be calculated easily. In addition to the submission of incometax calculated based on the tax area code, spot Assessment Guide,tax return guidelines would know about.
বাংলা একাডেমি 1.5
After the Language Movement, Bangla Academy was established whereits main task is to conduct research on Bengali language, cultureand history, and to publish Bengali literary and research work.This application has been developed using all certified informationof Bangla Academy. Information about the Bangla Academy along withmuseums, different scholars and awards, events and regularadministration can be obtained from this application. Also one canget the contact details of the authorized officers.
Ac Calculator 1.2
AC load calculator….. Using this calculator, user could calculateAC load for a particular room regarding room area, height andnumbers of person stay in the room. Use this virtual AC loadcalculator that will assist you to calculate exactly how many tonesAC is needed for your room to maintain room temperature. You willget many more…..
GovernmentServices 1.1
The overall objective of the project is to provide support inbuilding a digital nation through delivering services at thecitizen’s doorsteps. By this application, user can acquire variousgovernment services (Such: Agriculture, Fisheries & Livestock,Communication, Engineering, Allowances, government loan, Habitationetc.) taking process, important documents, rules, regulations andservice officials for the specific service. This information canget searching by service name or code number.
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