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QuizCraft Hardcore Trivia Game & Lore Quiz for WoW 1.41
World of Warcraft Quiz Trivia is a trivia game about the World ofWarcraft (WoW) and the story behind it!It contains hundreds andhundreds of questions in 6 difficulty levels! You can progress tohigher difficulty levels my mastering the lower ones, andeventually, you will reach the Hardcore mode - if your rating ishigh enough!This World of Warcraft WoW quiz trivia boasts questionsranging from the easiest ones which every player can know, to thelevel that demands deep knowledge of WoW!╬ Gameplay-related WoWquiz trivia questions▩ WoW Instances (Blackrock Spire, Auchindoun,Bloodmaul Slag Mines, Grimrail Depot, Iron Docks, Shadowmoon BurialGrounds, Skyreach, The Everbloom and many more)▩ WoW Raids(Highmaul, Hellfire Citadel, Blackrock Foundry, Siege of Orgrimmar,Heart of Fear, Throne of Thunder, Firelands, Dragon Soul, TheBastion of Twilight, Naxxramas, Karazhan, The Eye of Eternity,Ulduar, Black Temple and many more)▩ WoW Items▩ WoW PvP▩ WoWQuests▩ And more...╬ Lore-related WoW quiz trivia questions▩Characters (Illidan Stormrage, Sylvanas Windrunner, ArthasMenethil, Jaina Proudmoore, Varian Wrynn, Tyrande Whisperwind,Gul'dan, Malfurion Stormrage, Thrall, Grom Hellscream, Vol'jin,Blackhand, Lich King, Orgrim Doomhammer, Maiev Shadowsong, Utherthe Lightbringer, Garrosh Hellscream and more)▩ Quotes▩ Stories▩World▩ And more...╬ Rating-based progress╬ 6 WoW quiz triviadifficulty levels; the questions of the quiz are getting harder andharder!╬ HARDCORE WoW trivia modeDISCLAIMERAll (if any) revenuegenerated by this WoW trivia quiz will be used to further improvethe application.World of Warcraft (TM) is a registered trademark ofBlizzard Entertainment, with whom this WoW quiz trivia is in no wayaffiliated.All the terms and icons used in this quiz trivia areproperty of Blizzard Entertainment.You can know more about World ofWarcraft and download a trial version at©2004 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Allrights reserved. World of Warcraft, Warcraft and BlizzardEntertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of BlizzardEntertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or othercountries.
Meme Quiz: Internet Trivia 1.2
The definitive Internet quiz & meme trivia game!You think youknow the Internet memes? Here's a handy, fun meme quiz for testingyour Internet knowledge! Over 280 Internet memes await you tofigure out in this trivia app. The meme quiz starts with theeasiest meme questions that any Internet noob can answer, to thehardest, most obscure memes that only a true Internet meme hero canknow. Know your memes and troll like a grandmaster - this Internetquiz will help you learn Internet memes in a fun way!FEATURES:+5(casual) plus 1 (hardcore) meme quiz difficulty levels+Progressbased on meme quiz rating+Hardcore meme trivia mode+Hand-selectedmemes+Let the memes tell you your progress!+Includes Bad LuckBrian, Anti-joke Chicken, Doge, Forever Alone, Zerg Rush, Me Gusta,Trollface, Copypasta, Dolan, Y U NO, Overly Attached Girlfriend,You Don't Say?, Obama Face, Good Guy Greg, Ridiculously PhotogenicGuy, Okay Guy and much more!
🌍Geography Quiz: Guess World Capital Cities🇬🇧 1.1.2
Whether you are preparing for a geography exam, want to challengeyour friends or just want to play something educational togetherwith you kids, this is the perfect capital cities world quiz triviaapp for you! It includes all capital cities in 5 differentdifficulties and also a hardcore mode for the masters ofcapitals.All countries have their own capital cities question in 5difficulty levels, each illustrated with a picture to help andbroaden your knowledge further. ALL capital cities of the world areincluded in this capital cities world quiz.╬ Capital city quizquestions for every country in the world╬ Visual illustrations foreach geography quiz question╬ Rating-based progress╬ Leaderboards,achievements╬ 6 capital city quiz trivia difficulty levels; thequestions of the quiz are getting harder and harder!╬ HARDCOREgeography trivia mode!
Anime Quiz: Manga Otaku Trivia 4.1
Whether you are an anime otaku pro or a beginner anime and mangafan, this is the perfect otaku quiz for you! Relive your bestmoments with your favorite anime & manga characters, or justget to know the most badass, cute or even hated anime heroes.Thisotaku trivia anime & manga quiz with 700+ anime charactersincludes 30 different difficulties and 3 game modes, including ahardcore mode if you feel like you know them all!Challenge yourfriends for the title of being the biggest anime & manga otakuweeb in your group and guess the anime characters in this animequiz! ╬ More than 700 anime & manga characters from the mostpopular animes & mangas. Guess the anime & manga charactersif you're a true otaku! ╬ Covering more than 500 anime & mangaseries, including Death Note, Code Geass, Tokyo Ghoul & more) ╬Guess the 'anime world' your anime character lives in ╬ Anime &manga portraits for every characters, including Goku, Light Yagami,Edward Elric, Natsu Dragneel & more ╬ Rating-based progress fortrue otaku weebs╬ Leaderboards, achievements ╬ HARDCORE animecharacter trivia mode
🎬Superhero Movie Quiz for DC & Marvel Comics Free 1.51
Whether you are an obsessed comic book reader or a beginnersuperhero movie addict, this is the perfect free superhero quiz foryou to relive your best moments with your favorite superherocharacters, or just get to know the strongest comics superheromutant and alien characters or even the most vile villains. We'veincluded Marvel superheroes and DC superheroes as well in this freecomics character trivia!This comics trivia & superherocharacter quiz includes 10 levels, with unique portraits for eachcharacter questions that gets harder as you progress. For theultimate challenge you can also unlock a hardcore mode if you feellike you know them all!Challenge your friends for the title ofbeing the biggest comics character fan in your group!╬ More than200 superhero and comics characters from the most popular comicbooks and blockbuster DC and Marvel superhero movies╬ DC characters(like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman & Green Lantern and manymore superheroes) ╬ Marvel characters (like Spiderman, CaptainAmerica, Iron Man & The Hulk and many more superheroes)╬ Guessthe heroes and villains based on their drawn portraits╬ Unique,drawn portraits for every characters╬ Rating-based progress forthose who want to get to the very top╬ Leaderboards, achievements╬HARDCORE comics trivia mode!DISCLAIMER: The Superhero Quiz - ComicsTrivia is in no way affiliated with DC Comics or Marvel Comics.This is an UNOFFICIAL fan quiz, made by fans for fans: no DCsuperheroes and no Marvel superheroes are owned by us.
🎮Video Game Quiz: Gamer Guess Trivia Hardcore 1.04
Have you grown up playing video games and you can't stop playingthem ever since? Or are you just looking for either a fresh titleor a cult one from the dawn of video games? Well, this is theperfect video game quiz for you! Doesn't matter if you are intoarcade, sport, FPS, RPG, driving or even puzzle games - you canfind it all in this hardcore gamer trivia! This video game triviaincludes 5 different decades of gaming sorted into 8 levels. Getstarted with the very first pioneers from the 70's, all the wayinto today's greatest hits in this gaming quiz! + Hundreds andhundreds of video game quiz questions all the way from the 70'sarcade classics to today's PC and console hits+70-80's games(including Mario or Zelda)+90's games (including Pokemon, Sonic orMortal Kombat)+2000's games (including Half-Life or Call ofDuty)+2010's games (including Skyrim or GTA)+ Guess the games basedon their memorable screenshots+ Games for every platforms (Arcadegames, Sega, Nintendo, SNES, PlayStation, Xbox, PC games and manymore)+ Franchises you can't forget are also included in this videogame quiz+ Rating-based progress for those who want to get to thevery top+ Leaderboards, achievements+ HARDCORE endless video gametrivia mode!DISCLAIMER: We are not related to the publishers of thevideo games included in this video game trivia. This is a fan-madevideo game quiz and all (if any) revenue this gamer quiz generateswill be invested to make this game trivia app better.
Tank Quiz - Armored Vehicles Trivia WW2 to Modern 1.1
Are you a real combat armored vehicle expert? Can you guess thetanks from the smallest details? Come and prove it in this freetank trivia game, with hundreds of questions about the amazing andintriguing world of tanks!If you enjoy history - especially thehistory of World War II tanks and the war conflicts afterwards,then this is the perfect free tank quiz game for you! You willenjoy it if you are an expert in these armored vehicles and want totest yourself, or you just want to know and learn more about theworld of tanks. This free tank quiz game includes more than 7decades of technology from WWII all the way into today's mostmodern armored combat vehicles.Some illustrations show the wholefighting vehicle, but sometimes you can only see parts (gun,tracks, armor, turret etc.). When you solve every questions you getto try out how good you really are in the hardcore panzer mode! +Hundreds and hundreds of free armored tank quiz questions from thevery first models until the most advanced main battle tanks. Thewhole world of tanks is covered in this free tank quiz!+ Everygenerations of the most renowned armored battle tanks (from PanzerI through Tiger to M1 Abrams)+ Hundreds of tanks from WWII (likeTiger, M4 Sherman, T-34, Panther, Cromwell and many more), all forfree+ Armored vehicles from the time of every major war conflict(Vietnam, Korea, Cold War, Gulf War), all included in this freetank quiz+ Guess the tanks based on their photos in this free tankquiz+ Rating-based progress for those who want to get to the verytop+ Leaderboards, achievements+ HARDCORE tank trivia game mode ifyou really know the amazing world of tanks!
Recognize the Spoken Language: Quiz for Omniglot 1.0
Whether you are a foreign culture enthusiast or just want to testhow well can you tell different languages apart, this is theperfect quiz for you! Is it Italian or Spanish? Japanese or Korean?Hindi or Hebrew? Put your knowledge to the test now!This languagetrivia quiz contains 100+ languages with countless dialects on 24different levels. Every level includes unique voice clips withtypical spoken phrases for each language.Challenge your friends forthe title of being the best linguist in your group!╬ More than 100+languages and dialects of every countries in the world╬ Uniquevoice clips for every questions ╬ Languages of all of the countriesin the world╬ Numerous extinct and constructed languages, such asLatin, Klingon, Interlingua╬ Leaderboards, achievements Thelanguage voice clips in the quiz are supplied by withtheir written consent.
Chain Reaction: 9 Bullets 1
Your enemies are plenty, and you only have one clip of ammo leftwith 9 bullets. Your only chance for survival is to get above thecritical mass to create a chain reaction from the unstable enemyships themselves!Shoot down enemy ships from the floating base inthis atmospheric game and create massive chain reactions with usingperfect timing! Your ammo is limited, so be careful! How manyenemies can you take down before you run out of bullets? Shatterthe ships to gain helpful boosters: accelerate the devastatingeffect of every one of your bullets or start a rain of gold toenchance your game. But beware: your minions has to be quick topick up all the boosters before your prizes sink into theocean...Buy more helpers and upgrade your arsenal! Intensify yourgameplay with more and more booster slots, minions and an easierway to get above the critical mass. Use special skills to take downthe strongest boss ships for lavish loot! Destroy your enemies withone godly touch or triple your bullets to defeat moreships!Challenge your skills and take down as many ships as you can!It takes patience and perfect timing to shatter the right ship todeadly debris and set the whole scene on fire. Compare and compete:conquer the leaderboard and show off your skills with maximizingthe chain reaction effect of only 9 bullets. Can you beat thehighest score?◈ Shoot the fragile planes out of the sky and watchtheir deadly fragments blow up each other in a massive chainreaction◈ Find the perfect moment to create devastating chainreaction of explosions◈ Collect all the boosters to empower yourbase or gain free shots◈ Use four unique skills to deal with thetoughest boss enemies◈ Buy upgrades to unlock slots for boosters,skills and much more◈ Fight for plenty of achievements◈ Challengeyour friends to see who can take down the most ships and rule theleaderboard
Ensembles de vêtements | Lampada con zoccolo vetro T5 1,2W W2x4,6d 10 pz lampadine standard auto | Klett, Microklett, Klettband, Klettverschluss, beidseitig, 20 mm, 6 Farben