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Trivia Quiz
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Choose the correct answer from 4 possibleones. All questions fall into 6 categories: Entertainment, Sport,Science, Geography, History and Art. The Fortune’s wheel choosesfrom which category the question will be. Which category is yourfavourite?Tonns of questions are waiting for you. But you will have only 30seconds to answer correctly.You will compete with players from all over the world. You shouldanswer the questions better than other fans, to take the firstplace in the world and your country leaderboards. Invite yourfriends to make the competition more exciting.Do not forget to enter the game once a day, because you have only48 hours to answer the questions if it is your turn.
Sea Pirate: Match-3
4Enjoy Game
You will join to the adventures of the piratethe Black beard. He is looking for the lost treasures in allcorners of the earth. You and the pirate should become the besttreasure hunters. You should find the pearls of the Edward, thecrown of the king Arthur and other costly treasures.You will visit a lot of islands to find the treasures. ExploreHawaii, Bora Bora, Japan, Caribbean islands, Bali. Each island hastraps and mysterious obstacles.During all your adventures you will have an opponent. Her name ispirate the Green eye. She will compete with you to become thefamous pirate in the world. You should find the treasures fasterthan your opponent, to become the most famous hunter.You may invite your friends to play together and to find thetreasures faster. If you have better scores, than your friends, youwill get the winner cup.Enjoy the game. Your journey is starting now!
Kingdom of Sweets 1.13
4Enjoy Game
It's time to play a free match-3 game!You can join the fairy in her adventures in sweets kingdom.Youwill visit the city in which candies are born. You willtravelthrough the village, where bears create new recipes forcakes.Finally, you will enjoy the trip through the otherssuperblocations in the sweets world.You should rescue the bears from the honey, find the animalsfromunder the cookies, eat as much milk chocolate as you can. Youcancombine the different candies to create magical effects!Special features- More than 200 magical levels- Very tasty gameplay with bears, with chocolate,withcookies.- New and interesting locations with new levels each weekYou can invite your friends to explore the sweet worldtogether.You can also play with other players to see who can getthe bestscore.It's the time of candies!
Kingdom of Sweets 2: Match-3
4Enjoy Game
It's time to play a sweet adventuregame!You will join to the adventures of the fairy named Sweety in thesweetest kingdom. She is looking for the recipe of the tastiestsweets. She will cook this recipe at the annual holiday of sweets.Let's help her to win!You will be visiting the nearby kingdoms to find the recipe. Eachkingdom has tasty landscapes and levels cooked from candy. You willexplore the kingdom of the jam, land of the Soda Bubbles, kingdomof Waffle saga and other match-3 lands.The game has plenty of unique levels, with lots of exciting tasksand traps. You should swap and match the sweets. You should createa big explosion from candies.You may invite your friends to play together and to explore theworld faster. You can compete with your friends. If you have betterscores, than your friends, you will get the winner cup.Enjoy the game. Your journey is starting now!
Madagascar Circus: Match 3
4Enjoy Game
Save all the circus animals and travel in anair balloon across all over the world in Madagascar Circus, a match3 adventure! Invite new animals to join the circus and don’t forgetto feed those hungry circus animals with fresh fruit, juice and jamin Madagascar Circus!The funny clown Bim Bom will always help along your adventure.Match fruits to collect colorful balloons and help therabbit-mother Lily find her babies while staying on the alert forthe ringmaster Carlo. Overcome him by matching fruits to createbomb-fruits and striped fruits to save every animal you find inMadagascar Circus!Madagascar Circus Features:Match Fruits with in a Circus Frenzy- Match the tastiest banana, apple, orange and interestingberries.- Trigger special boosters when you match and flip fruits to feedthe hungry circus animals.- Find special treats like cotton candy, caramels and sweet popcornin the fun match 3 game.Hundreds of Free Levels- Play hundreds of the best levels with more added every week foryour entertainment.- The hungry circus animals are relying on you to gather theirfruits and complete challenging levels.Rescue the Circus Animals- Rescue animals along your saga to join the circus and overcomeCarlo’s nasty ways!Madagascar Circus Leaderboards- Monitor leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!Save the circus animals from the ringmaster Carlo and have friendslike Bim Bom and Lily help in this fun saga! Play incrediblyaddicting match 3 games and in Madagascar Circus!Download for free today and start feeding the hungry animals!
Christmas Sweets: Match 3
4Enjoy Game
It is a night before Christmas! You shouldhelp the Santa Clause deliver all the Christmas gifts to thechildren. Collect all the sweets, toys and candies to make the kidshappy. Do not forget to read the wishlists of all the kids. Travelwith deer at the sleigh all around the world beginning from theLapland at the North pole. The flight is very long. Do not forgetto feed the reindeer Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid,Donner, and Blitzen. Their favourite sweets are the tasty chocolateand vanilla cookies.Ho ho ho! Saint Nicholas have a lot of friends. There is a polarpenguin, which also needs a Christmas gift. Maybe he likes the icecream?There is a bad elf in the Santa's workshop. You should save theChristmas from this elf named "December". Do not let this offendedelf to destroy the Christmas Eve.Fresh features:- tasty candies, cookies and cakes- winter mood with a lot of snow- compete with friends to win- hundreds of amazing levelsMerry Christmas from the Santa Claus! Let’s begin the winteradventure in the north pole!
Zoo Rescue: Match 3 & Animals
4Enjoy Game
Help zookeeper Robert to repair the zoo. Collect and match fruitstogether to feed hungry animals. You will create a home for thelion, zebra, elephant and other animals. Will your pets be hungryin the zoo you build? Play match 3 levels to open new decors andareas. The zoo is located in a sweet place. There is a farm nearbyand a great forest just outside of the zoo. There was also a fruitgarden which once was a diamond of the zoo. The game has a completesimulator of the zoo and animals. After you have finished buildingof the area you will be able to interact with animals and worldsim. Tigers, zebras, hippopotamus and other animals will help youto build a new zoo during your saga. Rescue the animals and the zoofrom the decline. Turn the zoo into the diamond. The zoo and gardenhas a lot of activities. Plant new trees, choose a decor garden.The game has a lot of levels. Match the sweet fruits and createbomb exposition. Feed the hungry pets with all the tasty and ecoberries, fruits and vegetables. Maybe animals like more cookies andfruit jelly? The tricky monkey will try to steal the keys. Stop theanimal with jam, fruits or juice. Invite your friends to join theadventure. Decorate the zoo faster with the help of friends. Enjoythe zoo saga together with friends. How will the zoo you buildlook? Like a farm or like a forest? Will be pets and animals hungryor happy? Do you have mania to rescue the zoo and animals? Startbuilding your dream zoo now! The zoo needs an rescue! FreshFeatures - 100% organic fruits! - Simulator of a real zoo! - Choosea decor while building zoo - Compete with friends during adventure!Rescue animals in the zoo!
Granny’s Farm: Free Match 3 Game
4Enjoy Game
Build your dream Farm! Help Alice renovate her grandparent'shome,bring comfort back to her family 's mansion. Welcome to yourfamilydream world! Open the farm gate to start theadorableadventure!Play and win colorful match-3 levels to decorateandrestore areas in the farm. Design a new home, choose exoticandwonderful exterior and interior pieces of furniture. Unlocknewareas of the farm story, become friends with all the charactersinthe game! Don't forget to feed you farm pets! Cows, chickensandadorable puppies need your attention. Plant and grow cropstocreate a feed for the animals. Restore all the town building,openfactories and explore products. Have you already tried tosendorders to the customers and the townspeople?The gamefeatures:●Addictive gameplay: win a match-3 level, restore anddecorate thefarm building, take part in the adventure● Hundreds ofuniquematch-3 levels● Dozens of in-game characters, who will helprebuildthe farmAdorable pets, like a puppy, and a lovely cat arewaitingfor youLovely farm animals like turkeys, cows and chickenswillcreate the mood on the farm● Different areas on the farm, eachwithunique gameplay, amazing animations and addictive story●Variouscrops to grow and process at your factories● A communityoffriends, who you can ask for help and send lives● A super freegameyou can even play offlineGranny's Farm is absolutely free toplay.Enjoying Granny’s Farm? Learn more about Alice’s adventureonFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/granny.farm.game/ If youhaveany issues, contact our support by sending an [email protected]
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